10 places to go for Singapore’s best chicken wings


We think it’d be entirely possible to polish off a box of 30 wings from 4Fingers. They come in two choices: soy garlic and spicy, but we really can’t decide which we like better. Go for a mix ($7.90 for six pieces).

Beer Market

Choose flavors like crispy (original), honey BBQ and “Buay Tahan” (spicy) ($9.90 for 4 pieces). This is Beer Market, so keep an eye out for cheap beer deals.

Everything with Fries

Try the Skinny Wings ($6.80) here. They’re half of a regular mid joint chicken wing, but so full of flavor.

Ice Cold Beer

Lots of excellent bar grub to choose from here at Ice Cold Beer, but do yourself a favor and don’t skip the chicken wings ($12 for three pieces and $18 for six pieces).


This list wouldn’t be complete without the Swedish furniture giant. Its juicy wings go for $2.80 for two pieces and $7.50 for six pieces.

KPO Café Bar

Sure, this gastrobar puts out excellent glammed up versions of our local hawker fare, like Hokkien mee and nasi lemak, but don’t forget to order yourself a plate of chicken wings ($15 for five pieces)—you won’t regret it.

Lola’s Cafe

Um, unlikely contender? But we do have to say they make some pretty damn good honey paprika crispy wings ($10).

No. 5 Emerald Hill

The legendary prawn paste chicken wings here are extremely addictive ($12 for half a dozen). Grab a beer to top it all off.

Sunset Grill & Pub

Think you can handle the heat? Take up this eatery’s spicy buffalo wings challenge and choose from levels one to 35. Be warned: the spicier they are, the more expensive they get. Prices range from $20 for half a dozen and $32 for a dozen, and it increases by a dollar with every level up.


Awesome live music, beer and some deep fried chicken wings ($13, marinated in Timbre’s top-secret seasoning)—the perfect combination.