Affordable Luxurious Lunches

Whether you’ve an important deal to seal or just fancy a change from your usual grab-and-go lunch spot, the set menus at many fine dining establishments around town offer superb value for money. Here we pick some of our favorites across a range of price bands, with tips on what to expect and how much time to set aside. Your lunch hour will never be the same again.
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Food For Thought
Sure, the cost of ingredients varies from dish to dish, but we can’t help wonder if all of the extra charges on some of these set menus are really justified. For example, at FiftyThree we topped up just $10 for our main of Wagyu beef (very reasonable in our opinion) but had to shell out an additional $40 for our Wagyu main at Iggy’s. Paying an extra 50 percent of the price of your set lunch seems frankly ridiculous.
How To: Work after a boozy lunch
So you’re out to lunch, and it all gets a little Mad Men. Two hours later and you’re practically on the floor. But what to do if you’ve got a presentation to make upon your return to the office?
1. Dunk your head in the toilet bowl. It won’t sober you up, but it will clear the meeting room pretty quick when you walk in.

2. Spike the attendees’ glasses with vodka before the meeting starts. Ensure it works by raising a toast after your first slide.

3. Tell the room that your presentation is inspired by Inception, and will be taking place in your dreams.

4. Put on a TED talk instead. It’s better than anything you’ll ever present anyway.