25 of the best fine dining restaurants around Singapore’s Orchard Road

We all need a treat from time to time and if you find yourself parked at Orchard Road after an exhausting day of shopping, here’s where to go for the best fancy food in the area.


There’s a reason why Japanese seafood lovers flock to this space by Les Amis. They’ve got an amazing bara chirashi set (that’s sadly only available at lunch) and other Japanese classics, both cooked and raw. The zen, if a little dated, space has got it all down to pat from sublime chawanmushi to sushi sets and grilled dishes. 

Bedrock Bar & Grill

You can’t go wrong at this dimly lit space that does New York-style steaks. They’ve got a fantastic list of choice cuts like USDA Prime dry-aged ribeye and Aussie grass-fed porterhouse, but as far as sides go, don’t miss the indulgent mac & cheese. It’s great for both lunch and dinner, as the decor is all about mood lighting, brown leather and circular booths—reminiscent of a slick downtown NYC steakhouse.

Buona Terra

Housed in a refurbished colonial house a few doors down from Song of India, this Northern Italian establishment offers delicate but hearty fare. The ever-changing menu only showcases the best seasonal ingredients and Chef Dennis Lucchi always manages to coax out the best flavors of each dish. If available, don’t miss the oxtail tortelli with potato cream and the lamb loin with pistachio crust.

Hashida Sushi

Once you get your head around how much the bill can run, this is hands-down one of the best Japanese omakase restaurants in Singapore. From the delicate course-by-course sushi you get to the entire zen experience, very few have ever left Hashida Sushi unsatisfied. It doesn’t stop at sublime sushi either: Chef Hatch cooks up some mean hot dishes, too.

Hashida Garo

Chef Hatch does it again with this restaurant that’s located one floor above the famed sushi joint. The focus is more on cooked food with bento sets full of fresh unagi and perfectly medium-rare beef. Just don’t leave without trying the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, complete with whisks and pomp, that’s paired with the fluffiest Hokkaido cheesecake you’ll get in Singapore.


Undoubtedly one of Singapore’s most well-known restaurants, and a San Pellegrino list regular, it’s also a reliable option for quality fare that’s a unique blend of Japanese ingredients with European concepts, enhanced by professional service. Although there’s always a seasonal menu change, expect conceptual dishes like scallop carpaccio with burnt oyster, the addictive sakura ebi capellini and a prime rib cote de boeuf.

Imperial Treasure Shanghai Cuisine

This restaurant serving traditional Shanghainese cuisine has been packed since it opened. If you’re willing to brave the crowd, you’ll be rewarded with good food and attentive service. We love the wide array of starters including chilled thousand layered pig’s ears, but you shouldn’t miss the rich glutinous rice and cream crab.

Indocafe-The White House

As far as Peranakan restaurants go, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a place as classy as this one, housed in a heritage black-and-white building that’s flecked with historical relics. Setting aside, they serve up authentic Nyonya cuisine with punchy flavors that don’t skimp on the spice blends. There are classics like ayam buah keluak, five-spice ngoh hiang and ikan masak merah, a pan-roasted cod fillet in red chili sauce.

Ippudo SG

Okay, so this one is faaar from fine dining but it’s certainly home to some of the best ramen noodles in town. After all, which self-respecting noodle fan hasn’t heard of Shigemi Kawahar’s acclaimed ramen emporium? A long line of hungry patrons are always queueing here as the ramen is incredibly satisfying with its rich tonkotsu broth. There are also equally good appetizers like beef tataki with finely sliced raw white onions.


This minimalist and wood-heavy Japanese yakiniku chain’s first overseas outlet serves Japanese karubi wagyu, including cuts like flank steak, skirt steak and short rib. There are also kurobuta offerings like pork jowl and pork belly. We love the fact that the grills are smoke-free: you won’t leave smelling of charred meat.

Jade Palace

This Chinese restaurant is a little hidden but has a loyal following. It’s all pretty traditional with sharing dishes like sauteed scallop with XO sauce, Peking duck and steamed soon hock fish. But everyone swears by their food and, more interestingly, their wine selection and service. There’s no corkage and all the waiters are trained to know which glass goes with what types of wine.


Located in a black-and-white colonial house, this fine dining Japanese eatery offers only three omakase set menus focused on seasonal ingredients: there are all types of sashimi, sushi and fish dishes here.The two-story restaurant is also elegant, decked out in pale wood and gold leaf wallpaper. Plus, there’s a sake room where you can choose from a 50-strong collection of nihonshu.

La Taperia

Finding Spanish food in Orchard Road is almost a lost cause, but luckily this hidden gem serves up delicious tapas dishes that are perfect for sharing. From the well-decorated space full of artisan touches to the classic menu, you’ll find everything you crave here. The suckling pig croquetas are smooth and creamy, and the classic gambas al ajillo perfectly garlicky. One thing you shouldn’t skip here is the dessert with options like the decadent chocolate marquise.

Les Amis

This place has got to be one of Singapore’s best-known fine dining restaurants and its fame is well-deserved. The decor is contemporary-classic, the wine list exquiste and the waitstaff well-informed. Let’s not even get started on the stellar French food courtesy of Chef Sebastian Lepinoy. He dishes out thought-out and laboriously plated dishes like cold angel hair pasta with caviar, blue lobster royale on a bed of foie gras custard and Japanese omi beef with asparagus and poivrade sauce. A meal here doesn’t come cheap but it’s worth every penny.

Min Jiang

Its contemporary interior, attractive furnishings and poolside dining option (gotta be a first for a Chinese restaurant) aside, it’s the consistently good food that makes a visit here worth it. The well-trained and efficient staff don’t hurt either, so you’d be just as comfortable having a business lunch as you would a family get-together. The delectable dim sum is a steady draw, too.


Modern Chinese food is a dime a dozen in classically-dominated Singapore. While this place has a few faults, the Cantonese food is pretty spot on with plates like lobster and shrimp dumplings with black truffle, prawn in salted egg yolk and great char siew. There’s also a menu of themed Asian-inspired cocktails that make the experience worthwhile, too.

Opus Bar & Grill

Checkers Brasserie has been traded in for this swanky steakhouse in Hilton Hotel. With an Aussie chef in the kitchen, you know you’re in good hands when it comes to anything meat-related. The impressive mahogany-lined dining room is an apt setting for eating Kobe wagyu ribeye steaks, juicy burgers stuffed with wagyu beef and 36-hour pork belly with lychee and coffee. It’s also one of the first places to have a Himalayan salt tile dry aging cabinet.

Salt Grill & Sky Bar

Australian chef-restaurateur Luke Mangan offers Asian-accented plates at this restaurant atop ION Orchard. There’s a striking view of the Orchard Road shopping belt, and the food is refined and satisfying. They’ve got savory dishes like scallops with cauliflowers and salmon caviar, as well as as signatures like Sydney crab omelet with miso-mustard.

Saveur Art

The fine dining incarnation of affordable eatery Saveur, this place is by no means expensive. A full meal runs you about $50 and you get decadent dishes topped with truffles and the likes. While the setting still retains a mall feel, the space is bright and airy, which makes it perfect for a quick business lunch or a semi-casual dinner with friends.

Shisen Hanten

Formerly a Sichuan-Japanese restaurant, it’s now been converted to only focus on Sichuan cuisine. For the most part, the menu remains intact with favorites like mapo tofu, stir-fried prawn and scallop in chili sauce and stewed fish fillet in super-hot Sichuan sauce. The space is still as opulent with high ceilings, plush furnishings and clusters of chandeliers—all overlooking Orchard Road.

The Song of India

Set in a restored black-and-white colonial-style house, this palatial establishment boasts designer flatware and cutlery, chandeliers and silk curtains. The North Indian menu is equally striking, with inventive dishes like star anise-perfumed foie gras and classics like nalli gosht, a herbed lamb shank in Lucknavi jus. Top that off with warm and efficient service, and it’s no mystery why regulars keep coming back for more.

Sopra Cucina & Bar

Tucked away at the back fo five-star hotel Pan Pacific Orchard, this Sardinian restaurant more than makes up for its unusual location with its retro glam decor. The name is in big lights out front, and the interior features lots of black leather and luxe marble. The food is unique and peasant-chic (including dishes like fregola pasta and carasu bread) and there’s also a solid list of mostly Italian wines and beefs.


This stalwart Indian restaurant—founded in 1985— was renovated recently and is now an airy space with banquettes and subtle Indian motifs. It serves an expansive menu of not only North Indian cuisine, but also regional dishes such as Goan fish curry and mango curry, as well as contemporary recipes like jalapeno corn kebab.

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

This Cantonese establishment has been dishing out scrumptious Chinese plates since 1995. The main dining room is swanky, featuring a dramatic gold and black color scheme, artistic calligraphy on the walls and antique displays. Though best known for their Peking duck, the dim sum (juicy siew mai, golden barbecue pork pastries and deep-fried shrimp rolls) crafted by Hong Kong native Chan Lam Pang, is also not to be missed.