Best halal cafes in Singapore


These cafes are all Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) certified and follow strict halal procedures.


The cozy bistro, with an alfresco area, in Bedok has a loyal following. There are halal versions of dishes like carbonara pasta with salami and black pepper sausages, beef ribs and crab pasta. Plus, it’s got iced drinks like salty caramel.

Fika Cafe

This pretty Swedish bistro has the Scandinavian works, down to the minimalist Ikea-esque furniture. On the menu are favorites like Swedish meatballs, baked potato with shrimp, mayo and dill, as well as Swedish pancakes and crepes.


It’s alfresco and it’s by a pool, so that’s two hits right there. Plus, the cafe has the whole industrial look with exposed ceilings and Edison bulbs. On the menu are naanwiches with fillings like chicken tikka and beef with kimchi, aside from the usual suspects like fish & chips.

La Marelle

Cutesy, cloud-stencilled decor aside, this cafe’s strong point lies in their sweet treats. There are decadent and pretty desserts like rainbow cakes, multi-colored macaroons and cheesecakes. The Kampong Glam spot is pretty cozy and also sports a retail store with trinkets and stationery.

Olivye Cafe

This one is a great place when you’re looking for an icy respite from the heat. Located in Changi Village, the cafe does lots of pastas but we’re really in it for the gelato that comes in kooky flavors like Horlicks, durian and chili chocolate.


Sure it’s got the mandatory industrial look going on but this cafe strays from standard cafe offerings, with items like the Crabby Patty (breaded crab cakes with mango compote) as well as the baked potato drenched in beef pomodoro sauce.


These cafes don’t have the official certification (notoriously difficult to get), but owners do follow halal laws. Ask if you have a specific questions about the establishments.

And All Things Delicious

This dual-concept space houses Fictive Fingers’ textiles and pouches and And All Things Delicious’ bakery selling granola and sticky toffee pudding. Don’t miss their scones that come in ever-changing flavors like orange and gula melaka.

Fluff Bakery

It seems like we can’t get enough of bakeries and sweet treats. This place has innovative cupcake flavors like chocolate milkshake and fries, but also have traditional flavors like red velvet and salted caramel.

I Am

The Haji Lane cafe is famed for its dizzying array of colorful cakes ranging from rainbow cakes to Russian black & white cakes. On the savory front, the Amsterdam-inspired cafe also serves sandwiches and beef meatball pastas.

Penny University

This East Coast cafe is already a popular hangout for those who live in the area, thanks to its menu full of sweet treats like red velvet Nutella cupcakes and sweet pies. It also has sandwiches like smoked salmon and cream cheese; brunch items like scrambled eggs on tomato sourdough bread and coffees.

The Lab SG

This hip little spot experiments with healthier versions of dishes like beef meatballs, all handmade from scratch. Although there’s a huge dessert selection, everything is supposedly healthy. They even have a Paleo lemon pie with honey meringue for those health-conscious cafe goers.