Brunch Bunch

We don’t know about you, but we know exactly how we intend to spend our time over the festive season. Aside from the feasting (that’s a given) and some light partying, we’re factoring in hours upon hours of sleep due to the colossal deficit we’re running. Make no mistake. When we finally muster up enough willpower to drag ourselves out of bed (possibly while battling the hangover of the year), the overwhelming, driving force will be hunger. These are just a few of the places we’ll be popping by to grab some grub after enjoying a good lie-in.

10 at Claymore
Lobby Level, Pan Pacific Orchard, 10 Claymore Rd., 6831-6686.
Ah, the quintessential Sunday brunch. Few things can top it, but one magic word makes it all the better: Buffet. 10 at Claymore’s is exemplary (from $48). So dig into a mind-boggling array of offerings, such as stir-fried US turkey breast and crispy tiger prawns with avocado and tomato salsa and a mango emulsion, boneless leg of lamb, roast Wagyu beef and fresh seafood including Boston lobsters, sashimi and sushi. And of course, those with a sweet tooth will love the sinful selection of desserts.

8D Dempsey Rd., 6475-7787.
Despite the fact that Dempsey is sometimes a little too crowded, we still have a, Brunch Bunch penchant for the verdant greenery. Certainly one of the most enticing spots around is Barracks, with its alfresco terrace overlooking lush surrounds. An afternoon spent here, in the company of some well-poached free range eggs, buttery brioche toasties and spears of asparagus doused with béarnaise sauce ($15), is a restorative one indeed. Other things to try include their seven-layer pancake which hides Nutella, hazelnuts, pistachios, raisins, dried apricots and maple syrup ($15), chargrilled figs served with a sherry vinegar reduction, walnuts and goat’s cheese ($19) and golden brown slices of French toast filled with a medley of fresh berries ($17). We suppose you should probably bring at least another ravenous soul along, if only because it means you can safely order up a storm for variety.

Cherry Garden
5/F Mandarin Oriental, Singapore, Marina Square, 5 Raffles Ave.,

This elegant establishment specializes in Cantonese fare, carefully prepared and artistically presented by executive chef Hiew Gun Khong. It wouldn’t be a Chinese brunch if it wasn’t dim sum, and here you can pair it with Champagne at weekends ($118). With over 50 different items to pick from including mini abalone siew mai with pork and mushrooms, shark’s fin dumpling with dried scallops and shrimps, juicy xiao long bao and spinach dumplings with prawns, garlic and salted egg yolk, it’s going to be a long meal, so get comfortable. We’re partial to chef Hiew’s honey-glazed Kurobuta char siew, wasabi prawns with fresh mango and fish roe and steamed scallop atop silken tofu with a mildly spicy black bean sauce. Before you yield, which you inevitably will, ensure you’ve saved some room for the delightfully refreshing watermelon chutney with aloe vera, pears and lemongrass jelly.

Peach Garden Sichuan @ Miramar
3/F Hotel Miramar, 401 Havelock Rd., 6736-3833.
Much like their other outlets, you can expect to find some seriously delectable Cantonese yum cha classics being wheeled around in those charming little trolleys. Unlike the others, this one has an added bonus element: Sichuan cuisine. Dressed in warm hues of bronze and burnt sienna with tastefully restrained furnishings, this is an ideal spot for a hearty Sunday buffet ($33.80). Expect to find familiar dishes such as steamed BBQ pork buns, pan-fried carrot cake, spare ribs with black bean sauce and egg tarts. More unusual items include deep-fried soft shell crab with plum sauce, chilled chicken in a spicy chili paste and braised eggplant with Sichuan chili. You simply can’t pass on the sweet jelly royale; the softest-set coconut jelly served in a young coconut.

#01-01/04 Marina at Keppel Bay, 2 Keppel Bay Vista, 6776-0777.
This port of call has such a great laidback vibe, it’s hard to resist the temptation to wile away the entire weekend here. Fortunately, that attitude extends to the simple, fuss-free food, which provides instant comfort and satisfaction. Case in point: The Privé ultimate breakfast ($17)—a plate full of eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, toasted tomatoes, baked beans and arugula. They also offer chicken and mushroom béchamel pie ($15), grilled Cajun chicken wrap with mango and aioli ($14) and good old fish & chips ($17). Their bakery boasts a range of homemade goods including banana walnut muffins ($2.80), apple strudel Danishes ($1.20) and carrot and oatmeal cupcakes ($3.80). Top it off with a milkshake, in flavors such as peanut butter and jelly ($11), malted Malteasers ($12) and Kahlua with bourbon vanilla ice cream ($15), and you won’t want to leave. We suggest sitting outside by the water. The view doesn’t hurt, either.


Other Class Acts

PS. Café at ASH Park
Fine new space on the boutique street du jour.
45 Ann Siang Rd., 9797-0648.

Wonderful verandah and killer Eggs Benny.
Phoenix Park, 320 Tanglin Rd., 6836-5528.

The White Rabbit
When was the last time you brought someone here and they weren’t impressed?
39C Harding Rd., 6473-9965.

Wild Honey
Beautiful breakfast for beautiful people.
#03-02 Mandarin Gallery, 333A Orchard Rd., 6235-3900.