Do What Any Self Respecting Foodie Would When They Turn Older: Eat

There’s nothing quite like turning a year older to bring out all the niggly thoughts that you quickly shove aside, most days anyway. But when friends are badgering you to decide on birthday plans, it’s hard to ignore reality. In a bid to battle off such depressing thoughts, I did what any self-respecting foodie would do: I ate, a whole monster truckload. And I didn’t stop until, well, I don’t actually think I stopped. Of course, working on this week’s cover story “50 Things to Eat” was also a timely affair. A quick note, it’s just 50 random things on my 2010 personal eat list, in no order of merit. It’s unfortunate that some dishes have been overlooked, but fret not, I’ll be saving those for next year.

I kicked things off with Soht and Baay’s (#04-11/05‑01 ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, 6509‑6058) new set lunch offering. From Mon through Thu, treat yourself to a three-course Thai meal ($19.90), including a seafood soup with a medley of fresh prawns, squid and seaweed. Choose between mains such as tender grilled chicken in a sweet and chunky coriander root sauce and a kaffir lime leaf-scented dry seafood curry. I thoroughly enjoyed the hormok (a steamed sea bass paste, similar to otah) and stir fried squid with salted eggs, spring onions and red chili.

I continued on my merry way to Morton’s The Steakhouse (4/F Mandarin Oriental Singapore, Marina Square, 5 Raffles Av., 6339-3740) for their latest bar bites. There are blue cheese steak fries ($17), mini crab cake BLTs ($33) and smoked salmon pizza with dill and sour cream ($32) to pair with their ever popular martinis. Just don’t ask me about the rest of my week (not right now anyway). It was a haze of parties, copious amounts of boozing and the infamous “pool incident” at Ku Dé Ta that I’ve been given strict instructions not to mention the specifics of. Ply me with enough alcohol when you see me, and I just might spill the juicy details.

For other caffeine junkies like myself, you’ll be pleased to know a new gourmet coffee joint is opening up in the Tiong Bahru neighborhood. 40 Hands (#01-12, 78 Yong Siak St.) is slated to open very soon. It’s not too far from the office, so I’m looking forward to popping by for a cuppa. Expect sustainably produced specialty coffee, and even a drive through! These folks take coffee very seriously.