Germanic Gems

If it seems like we’ve been boozing a little more than usual lately, try not to judge us too harshly. Between Mexicans and their tequila, Germans and their bier and the F1 season revving up to a roaring start, we’re just doing our best to keep up. Yes folks, Oktoberfest (see Party Time for event dates) is finally here. And it’s their 200th anniversary at that. While we couldn’t find the time (or the moolah) to fly to the land where it all began, that won’t stop us from partaking in this time-honored tradition. Though we don’t do it quite the way they do in Germany (the festival stretches on for a full 16 days in Munich from Sep 18-Oct 3), there are ample opportunities to indulge in authentic food and drink. Let the festivities begin!
Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant

#01-149/151 VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk, 6272-8815.
Boasting top-notch service and a commendable menu, the crowd at Brotzeit is mostly expats who fancy beer, liquor and wurstel (sausages). Some solid faves that have stood the test of time include their Naturschnitzelvom Huhn, grilled chicken breast with sour cream sauce served on mixed salad and mashed potatoes ($22.50), which has a suitably salty taste to complement their Beer and Wiener Schnitzel ($34.50), breaded escalope of veal served with cranberry sauce and a potato salad. From Oct 29-31, they’re also offering an Oktoberfest platter that serves six to eight beer-guzzling machines for $168. During this weekend, the band Die Paulaner Musikanten will be belting out tunes. And of course, the Oktoberfest bier from Paulaner, Munich, will be available till the taps run dry. With an alcohol content of six percent, you don’t have to feel bad about chugging down a few of these. We reckon the more, the merrier. You can even buy some to take home (complete with a 2010 Oktoberfest mug).
Magma German Wine Bistro

2-4 Bukit Pasoh Rd., 6221-0634.
This unpretentious open-kitchen concept bistro has a bar area at the front where you can enjoy more than a few drinks, which is perfect for the boozing season. The restaurant proper, with its minimalist red and white décor and bustling chef, serves up traditional home cooked food that’s hearty, filling and pretty darn good. It’s also one of the only places in town to get authentic Berlin-style boiled pork knuckles. For the season through Oct 31, they’re offering a special feast at $298 that could easily feed a small army (or at least five to eight people). Start with a meter-long sausage, two pork knuckles, one roasted chicken, throw in another four Bavarian sausages, two pork roasts, eight pretzels, four servings of meatloaf and you’re about halfway there. Just be sure to bring along reinforcements. Brews come in a special dark ($12 for 0.5 liter; $22 for a 1 liter jug), light and tart Monk Pils, Valentins natural clouded wheat beer, Black Abbot (all three $9 for 0.5 liter; $16 for a 1 liter jug), and red cherry ($12 for 0.5 liter; $22 for a 1 liter jug). If you’ve had enough beer, they’ve also got a good selection of brandy to pick from such as Williams Christ pear and yellow or blue plum (all $14). They even have juniper and caraway schnapps ($12) for you to down while you listen to traditional German folk music.
Paulaner Bräuhaus Singapore

#01-01 Times Square @ Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Blvd., 6883-2572.
You can’t go wrong partying here. This three-story microbrewery has a warm country-styled décor that ensures an overriding sense of ease (that might just be the beer though). This year, they’re offering golden yellow brew at only $16.90 (0.5 liter) or $33 (1 liter) from Oct 5-12. But they’ve “only” brewed 6,000 liters, so we reckon you should zip down soon. German band Scharivari from Munich will be in attendance, as will authentic German “frauleins” to add to the celebratory mood. We can only hope that these frauleins (young, unmarried women) will be as luscious and full-bodied as their beer. They’ve also got schnapps, including Schladerer Williams Birne, Himbeergeist and Kirschwasser (from $9.50), if you feel like some chasers for your brew. With all that alcohol on our mind, we almost forgot to mention their food. You’ve got to have the sausage sampler ($26), spicy Kolbazi, cheese Krainer and Nürnberger with sauerkraut. Other classics are the pork knuckle ($36), Gruyère potato rosti ($15) and Bavarian meatloaf ($19). Their grandma’s warm apple strudel is also a winner. Crisp pastry, moist apple filling with a bourbon vanilla sauce is tough to say no to. Be warned though, it’s going to be boisterous.
Party Time
Through Oct 4
Dress up in shorts and suspenders and be rewarded with a $10 Peranakan Place voucher, redeemable at Outdoors Café & Bar, Alley Bar and Acid Bar.
Peranakan Place, 180 Orchard Rd., 6732-6966.
Oct 8-9
From 7:30pm till late, the central square area of Clarke Quay (where the fountain is), will be transformed with games, food, beverage stalls and, of course, barmaids. Singapore-based German band Oompah will play Bavarian music so you can get your groove on, polka-style.
Clarke Quay, 3 River Valley Rd., 6337-3292.
Oct 22-24
Timbre@Substation hosts “Rocktoberfest” from 7pm till late, with local bands such as The Good Fellas and Tiramisu playing. Yes boys, more beer and barmaids will be in attendance.
Timbre@Substation, 45 Armenian St., 6338-8030. [TOP]