Interview: Nazrie bin Jaafar from Carnivore Appetite

What are some of your top barbecuing tips?
Never barbecue meat on a direct flame or over a roaring fire. Also, pat food dry before cooking as it browns better.

What techniques do you use for good barbecue?
I always do a last minute basting and I don’t usually use marinades unless it’s for meats like lamb.

What do you think of gas and electric barbecues?
I like using gas barbecues they allow for a smoky flavor to develop in the meats. Electric barbecues usually have set temperatures, which do not allow you to cook beyond a certain level of heat.

What are some ways to avoid burns?
Never brush too much oil in the meat. Just a thin coat is enough to promote browning.

What kinds of meats take best to barbecues and grills?
Baby ribs, meat brisket, riblets or rib tips.