Pasta-making Tools & Tricks

Jamie Oliver Electronic Wet ‘n’ Dry Kitchen Scale
$77.40 from ToTT
For those of you who’ve yet to make the shift from mechanical to digital, now’s the time. Not only does this nifty gadget allow you to measure both liquids and solids (with metric and imperial measurements), it even has a stainless steel bowl with an easy pour lip that’s dishwasher safe.
Zevro Perfetto Pasta Cooker
$22.90 from ToTT
This is a fantastic option if you’re cooking for one or two, and don’t want to babysit your noodles. Simply pour in piping hot water and drain (there’s a strainer built into the lid) when the pasta’s done. It’s portable and also doubles as a storage container.
WMF Mini 18 Pasta Pot
$69 from Tangs
WMF’s done it again. In their signature stainless steel style comes this three-piece pot with colander that fits snugly inside, so you can just lift it out and drain your linguini when it’s perfectly al dente. Bellisima!
Kitchen Craft Silicone Pasta Server
$23.90 from Tangs
These gorgeous, non-slip creations won’t mince up your ravioli like metal pasta servers can.
Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness Pasta Maker
$159 from Tangs
Sure, you could go the old school route and roll out your pasta dough with a rolling pin, but why make things harder for yourself? A hand-cranked machine is so much easier on your muscles, plus it saves time.

I-S Xperiences: Pasta Making Workshop
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