Seasonal Beers on Tap at Brewerkz

Black Rabbit
The look: A hazy, dark shade of brown with a luscious head which laces the glass all the way to the last drop.
The smell: A spiciness that Belgian drinkers will find invitingly familiar.
The sip: Very hoppy. It says “clove and banana notes” on the tap label, and they aren’t lying. This is a robust beer with substance when it comes to mouthfeel and makes for surprisingly easy drinking given its 7% ABV.
The damage: $7-14 for a stem glass (375ml), $8-17 for a pint (500ml).
Fruitbrewz (Apple and Cranberry)
The look:
Gold, with a slight tinge of pink.
The smell: Exactly like a corner shop apple candy.
The sip: Apple juice sweetness with a tart and sour finish when the cranberry kicks in. The latest incarnation of Fruitbrewz may be the most complex yet, but we miss the dragonfruit version.
The damage: $7-14 for a stem glass (375ml), $8-17 for a pint (500ml).
Mad Bee Ale
The look: Like honey, but a lot less viscous of course.
The smell: The wildflower honey hits you right off the bat.
The sip: Despite the strong aroma from the honey used in the brewing process, its sweetness is subtle, making it the perfect afternoon session beer. A bit of caution might be required though—its lightness defies its 6% ABV.
The damage: $6-12 for a thirty (300ml), $7-16 for a pint (500ml).
Brewerkz Riverside Point, #01-05/06 Riverside Point, 30 Merchant Rd., 6438-7438.