Singapore Sparks Interview: Ankur Mehrotra of Abratable

How did you come up with the idea for this business? I thought of the idea when I first moved to Asia back in 2008. Having to entertain corporate clients and guests as part of my job, I was constantly looking for a reliable site with good restaurant and bar recommendations. None of the existing sites actually gave good overviews, lists of menus, promotions, quality images and provided the convenience of online booking. I felt the need for a site that provides all that and rewards loyal users.How did you come up with the company name?It comes from the word “Abracadabra”. The word Abra also means “I have created” in Aramaic. I’ve created a new exciting option for those looking for good food and an easy way to make reservations.Was it difficult to leave your job in banking? Yes, it was difficult to take the leap of faith, say goodbye to regular paychecks for a while and adjust to a whole new lifestyle. No one can prepare you to run a startup. I’ve gathered three degrees and worked in different organizations, but the only way to learn how to be an entrepreneur is to be one! I am still learning.You have 42 restaurants now. How quickly do you intend to expand? We are not looking to just add to our numbers. I do not foresee having many more than 100 restaurants in Singapore. Our diners only want to visit the leading restaurants suitable for business engagements.What do you think of the Singapore restaurant scene?Singapore’s restaurant scene is extremely vibrant! It has grown immensely since my first visit four years ago. It’s all about fusion where east meets west.