Who makes the best souffle in Singapore? Try these 7 on for size

db Bistro Moderne

It’s a little surprising that a French-American restaurant would offer a durian souffle with mangosteen sorbet ($15). But it’s an impressive rendition. Tip: Some days, there’s a special chocolate souffle available ($15). Try your luck and ask the staff if it’s on offer for the day.

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

Go for their chocolate souffle ($18), served with a shot of full cream milk and raspberry sorbet. Not in the mood for chocolate? There are other flavors available too: lemon, After Eight (chocolate mint!), cherry pistachio and Grand Marnier ($15 each).

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier

Not a common flavor, but this French eatery makes a mean coconut souffle ($24). Light, fluffy, and complete with bits of coconut strips.

Morton’s The Steakhouse

You know what they say: Good things are meant to be shared. Perfect for two, Morton’s souffles come in four flavors: chocolate, lemon, raspberry, Grand Marnier ($37 each). Their bestseller? Chocolate, without a doubt.


This is one unassuming contender, but chef de cuisine Douglas Tay puts out a very impressive macadamia souffle with praline, banana custard and sour cream ice cream ($34).

The White Rabbit

This one’s for fans of vanilla and milk—their white chocolate souffle ($18) is made from Valrhona Opalys 33% White Chocolate. Good stuff.

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse

We’re not sure what’s up with steakhouses putting souffles on their menus, but Wooloomooloo also makes pretty solid treats that come in flavors like chocolate, raspberry, passionfruit and Grand Marnier ($24 each).