Da Paolo’s BYOB Tuesdays: A Treat from the Grand Dame

Opened back in 1997, the Da Paolo Il Ristorante on Club Street’s not the first place you’d think to eat. In fact, it’s probably been a while since you’ve been there. It’s pretty much fallen off the collective radar. 

Recent entries may have left the place behind in the food stakes. But here’s a wine deal that might make you want to go back. On Tuesdays, corkage for one bottle is waived with every two diners who eat in.

And if you’re in the right mood, that’s plenty of reason to return. The food’s decent, it’s still a pretty shophouse spot and stays surprisingly quiet even late at night (compared to Club Street’s more raucous newcomers). Take advantage of the BYOB deal when you feel like a sedate and grown up weekday dinner. To book, call 6224-7081.