Cantonese Restaurant Wah Lok: A facelift for an old favorite

Reliable old dim sum standby Wah Lok now has a new look, think less red accents and more modern marble. There are cute little details like cloud decorations on the pillars, too. But the layout of the 80-seat stalwart which has been open since 1988, has stayed pretty much the same.

Along with the revamp, you’ll also find fresh menu items on offer like the pillowy baked custard bun ($6.60) and their latest signature appetizer, deep-fried century egg wrapped with minced shrimp ($12). Classic such as exemplary char siew bao ($4.80) and silky scallop cheong fun ($6.80) don’t provide any surprises, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The food has always been good and still is, although the prices are a little more steep than before; the long line of eager diners who practically camp out outside the restaurant for a seat suggests folks don’t mind.