CT Food: Because, you know, Asian food is really, really strange

CT Food’s a new service (which we read about on Boing Boing and Humans Invent) available in Sweden. It teaches those Asian food-loving Swedes about the ingredients and techniques that go into our daily grub. All they have to do is snap an Instagram picture of the mysterious dish they’re chowing down on and send it to CT Food’s six to seven experts for an explanatory reply.

It might sound pretty redundant to us folks in Singapore—I mean how hard is it to figure out kim chee or rice paper rolls? We’re not that inscrutable. (Go befriend some Asian fella and they’ll show you how to eat.) But hey if they’re really confused, why not spread the food love?  

Now, if only they’d expand the service. And we’re not just talking about including other cuisines. How about a life aid that has an answer to all life’s little problems? Met a guy at a bar? Take an Instagram picture and send it over to some experts. They’ll tell you if he’s worth your time. Got a passive aggressive email at work? Send an Instagram shot to a professional who’ll tell you how to respond. There’s a service we’d subscribe for. One can dream…