CNY Season; Marina Bay Link Mall Eateries & Bars

Don’t let the red and gold bling of the season distract you, as Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you’re one of those PDA offenders (we’re trying our best not to judge you too harshly), a choice spot for some canoodling, coupled with heavenly fare, is Krish. This year’s five-course menu ($250 for two) is built around supposed aphrodisiacs, such as tempura oysters from Normandy with Sauternes sabayon and caviar, as well as a fig and buffalo mozzarella salad with shaved Jamon Serrano and honey thyme vinaigrette. They also have butter-poached blue lobster resting on an addictive thyme-scented corn and baby fennel chowder and roasted saddle of lamb with orzo risotto and bing cherry demi-glace. If the ingredients don’t make you and your partner frisky, at least you’re both going to be sated with a damn fine meal. And they’ll even throw in a bottle of Laurent Perrier Brut NV bubbly to seal the deal.
On the topic of alcohol, I discovered The Singapore Wine Station (#B1-17A CityLink Mall, One Raffles Link, 6238-6012) while on a weekend shopping excursion. I was a tad preoccupied with some much-needed retail therapy, but I did have a peek into this tidy little month-old wine boutique. I’ll be back to give it more than a quick once-over soon. I also wandered around Marina Bay Link Mall (8A Marina Boulevard, 6634-0888), which is now home to eateries including Paradise Pavilion (GP #02-01), Akari Dining & Bar (GP #01-02), Brawn d+b by MeatWorks (GP #01-01), Madison Deli (#B2-69/69) and Standing Sushi Bar (#B2-51). Also new are Boulevard Bayfront (T1 #01-02) and Marina Bay Financial Centre’s Tower 1 penthouse tenant, LeVel 33 (T1 #33-01)—purportedly the world’s highest urban brewery-restaurant-lounge.
A newbie in the increasingly diverse foodie enclave of Chinatown is Donoma (55 Keong Saik Rd., 6221-8143). Just over a month old, I’m told it serves up urban American fare. If you so happen to be in the area, grab a bite and report back please.
My local froyo joint, Swirl Art has opened up a second outlet in Bugis (#01-13/14, 1 Liang Seah St., no phone number yet). If it’s set up like the one in my hood, it’ll be a winner with its range of delectable flavors and myriad toppings.
Not only is it CNY season, but the first month-long Asian Masters is also in full swing. If you missed highlights such as Chef Otto’s Asian Odyssey and Justin Quek’s Asian Inspired Dinner, fret not, you could still try and score yourself a space at Sam Leong’s Chef’s Table (Jan 24-25), Asian Barbeque with Bobby Chinn (Jan 27) and Handcrafted Cocktails by Tomoyuki Kitazoe (Jan 26-27). For event details and reservations, log on to Unfortunately for me, I probably won’t be able to make it to these events as I’ll be zipping off to freezing cold Shanghai. So foodies, please represent in force in my absence.
Have a fabulous lo hei season everyone. Huat ah!