Guess which Singapore restaurant just made it to the Top 50 in the world

After Waku Ghin and Jaan have made the cut for 70th and 74th place respectively, we rested our hopes on the last Singapore restaurant to place in the San Pellegrino Top 50 Best Restaurants in the World. And we were right.

Restaurant Andre, which placed fifth on Asia’s Best list, came out in 46th place in the Top 50 list. The modern French gastronomic restaurant by Chef Andre Chiang was Singapore’s highest placing restaurant in the Asia’s Best list.

Other regional restaurants to make the cut are two Bangkok restaurants: Gaggan, which snagged first place in the Asia’a Best list, at no. 10, as well as Nahm at no. 22. (You’ll remember that the latter’s chef, David Thompson, just opened a casual Thai restaurant Long Chim at MBS.)

And for your next trip to Japan, note that this year’s highest ranking Asian restaurant on the World’s Top 100 list is Tokyo’s Narisawa, a French fine dining restaurant with traditional Japanese flavors. It cam in at no. 8.

For your next trip to Paris, on the other hand, you can try Andre’s French outpost, which made news last year and has gotten decent reviews so far.

For the full list, head here.