Places you won't regret spending your time and money at

Singapore's restaurants are the gift that keeps on giving. Despite being battered by an all-consuming pandemic, they've kept on innovating, adapting and (warning, buzzword ahead) pivoting to better suit themselves for the needs of the new normal. At these following restaurants, find amazing eats that have truly tantalised our taste buds.

25 Degrees

Like you, we head over to this dependable joint at Hotel G on the regular for their meaty, satisfying burgers that will satiate any red-blooded carnivore. While that's all perfectly fine, there's not much here for the vegetarians among us to eat. Knowing this, they've since launched not one, but two permanent vegetarian additions to their lineup.

The first is a Beyond Burger ($18) made using a vegan patty that tastes surprisingly just like meat (ground beef, to be exact). Stacked with vegan cheese, avocado, roasted tomatoes, jalapenos, guacamole, butterhead lettuce and a homemade sauce, then sandwiched between two toasted charcoal buns, it's hard to imagine this beauty is actually vegetarian-friendly. Then there's the Veggie Burger ($14), that's packed with tofu, oatmeal, spices, sauteed mushrooms and a whole host of veggies and two beer-battered onion rings then topped with chipotle sauce for a wholesome chomp with each bite.

Koma Singapore

If you thought the experience at Koma was good when it first opened, it has only gotten better now that they've revamped their menu. They've kept old favourites like the Salmon Pillow and the Scallion Fried Rice while offering amazing new creations that all work together to showcase a sizable menu that's the right balance of fun and serious. We especially enjoyed the new Bincho Sakura Chicken ($29) served with cherry tomatoes, crispy shallots and steamed rice. Have it as part of their lunch sets ($39 for two-course, $49 for three-course) for great value.

There are new desserts and cocktails too. Definitely try the Bonsai ($17), a heavenly marriage of molten dark chocolate and crunchy praline, shaped like a small potted plant for aesthetic harmony with the venue. And if you're like us, give the new cocktails a go as well. The Koma Phoenix, a tequila-based drink with a slight spice kick, is their new signature. But we especially enjoyed the Recalling Edo, a long-finish whisky-based concoction given great depth using sherry cask aged shochu, aged sake and amaretto. All cocktails are $23.

Solo Ristorante

It's no surprise to see this cosy Amoy restaurant gaining in popularity steadily over the years. Dishing out hearty, modern Italian dishes that are at once comforting and novel, Solo Ristorante is the place to go to if you're looking for a new regular hangout with friends and catching up over gratifying mains, fine wine and convivial hospitality.

A standout new item on the menu from chef/partner Simone Fraternali (who took over the reins in March) include the Melanzana alla Parmigiana ($18), a baked eggplant dish with buffalo mozzarella and spicy basil, that's inspired by his nonna's homemade recipe. She (and Fraternali too) definitely got this one right. Try their handmade pastas as well, such as the Tagliolini ($45), that's lightly tossed with smoky uni sauce tarragon and lemon zest then topped with generous, creamy sea urchin. You'll be having seconds here in no time.


Not that these guys needed a change in menu (the patty melt was the bomb), but we're glad they did anyway. They now dish out items with a more elevated slant on the menu, showcasing greater finesse in their dishes, but at the same time still offering some of that tongue-in-cheek-ness they're so known for.

Highlights include the Wild Spanner Crab with caviar served on a highly intriguing Dashi Crystal Bread ($36). The base 'bread' is actually translucent (almost transparent, in fact), making it a dish that will easily spark conversations. On the other end of the spectrum are their Chicken NcNuggets with Fermented Sriracha ($20). And it's actually really good. Don't worry, although it shares a similar name to the one from that fast food brand, RVLT's version isn't factory-made but done in-house. For mains, you can't go wrong with the Shio Koji-Aged Westholme Wagyu with Pickled Eggplant and Mizuna Salad ($62). All best had with natural wines, of course.

Zorba The Greek Cafe

This Santorini-inspired Greek establishment by the Singapore River now offers a casual cafe experience during the day that's perfect for picturesque weekend brunches and lazy long breakfasts starting as early as 8am (9am on weekends). If you've been a long-time customer and am looking for your old favourites however, fret not, as come nighttime from 6pm, Zorba Taverna restaurant will still be up and running.

New items on their cafe menu include the healthy Giaourti ($12), a bowl of creamy yoghurt topped with fresh blueberries, crunchy walnut granola, raspberry coulis and mint. Those seeking something heartier need look no further than the Zorba Breakfast Platter ($24). It's a sizable plate of meats and greens, scrambled or poached eggs, Greek sausage, bacon strip, grilled portobello mushroom stuffed with cheesy feta crumbles, roasted Roma tomato, caramelised onion, avocado and toast. There's drinks too, of course, including your usual lattes ($5.50) and juices ($8), but give the more unique Greek Mountain Tea ($8) a try for the full experience.