10 best places to get burgers in Singapore

Like it or not, burgers are perpetually trendy in Singapore. This is especially true this year, where we’ve seen about a half-dozen new places open (or reopen), specializing in the supreme dude food. Here is our new and updated list of best burgers in Singapore.

Burnt Ends
Always packed to the brim, this no-reservations restaurant is all about grilled meats. However, they’ve got an amazing Burnt Ends’ Sanger ($20) made with pulled pork shoulder, coleslaw, chipotle aioli and a brioche bun.

This no frills local burger joint is serious about what’s in the bun. The extensive burger menu features various meats (they also have one vegetarian burger and salads) but opt for the enormous 200g signature and celebrity burgers ($18.50).

Hard Rock Cafe
A perennial favorite among live music fans, this boisterous joint is also great for its lad food, including its signature burger, the Original Legendary 10 oz. Burger ($27). It’s a fitfully robust bite, topped with smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, fried onion ring, lettuce and vine ripened tomatoes.

This homemade burger stall is a collaboration between Absinthe’s Nicholas Reynard and an existing German stall in the Salut Coffeeshop, Stew Kuche. Each burger has a female name, like Annie ($18) oozing with spicy guacamole, jalapenos and roasted capsicums, as well as the signature Fairy Fay ($16) that comes with 150g patty, cheese and a special sauce.

The Market Grill
This diner-like grill is always a hot ticket with their burgers like the Bleu Cheese ($25) with burnt onion marmalade and bacon. There are also the cod fish burger ($28), chicken burger ($22) and a breakfast burger ($24) with sunny side egg.

MeatLiquor SIN
The already wildly successful offshoot of the famed London burger bar has messy burgers like Dead Hippie ($22) with juicy patties, a special Big Mac-inspired sauce and sides like sambal fries ($10) with a fried egg and homemade sambal sauce.

This place has got a breezy American diner-like vibe and a menu to match. Renditions include the decadent Truffle ($28) with sauteed onions and truffle mayo, a two-patty Double Trouble ($32) and Big Blue ($26) with blue cheese, onions and lettuce.

Under the care of famed English chef Adam Penny of London eatery Patty & Bun, the burgers are all homemade (we expect nothing less) and named after pop culture phenomena, like the Smokin’ B-Boy ($25), 150g prime beef patty topped with double smoked cheese, Dingley Dell beer and treacle-cured bacon, and loads of BBQ sauce.
Known for its quirky, over-the-top burgers, Relish has made a name for itself with established favorites such as the soft bone pork charsiew open burger ($21.40); Ram-Lee burger ($21.90); and Wild Rocket burger ($19.20) with sun-dried tomato relish and black pepper cream.
This new-ish place by the Botanic Gardens is all about the meat. Must-tries are The Works ($23) with spinach, a bacon weave, rosti, parmesan, onion rings, a fried egg, beer caramelized onions and guac, and Asian-inspired renditions like a sriracha chicken burger ($16) and a kimchi burger ($18).