5 new meat restaurants for carnivores in Singapore

We’ve predicted that the meat movement will continue to be a huge trend this year, and we are heaps excited that Bali barbecue restaurant Naughty Nuri’s is bringing their famous barbecued pork ribs to Capitol Piazza later this month. But in the meantime, here are five other carnivorous places to satisfy your animalistic cravings.

, 5 new meat restaurants for carnivores in SingaporeDecker Barbecue

1. Decker Barbecue

This tucked-away spot behind Aussie grill restaurant Boomerang, all decked (oops) out in string lights, picnic tables, an open kitchen and a giant smoker, is an indie barbecue haven for those who like feeling like they’re “in-the-know.” Besides soaking up smokey-cool vibes, you’ll want to fill your plate with Texan-style highlights like beef brisket ($16/100g), tender pulled pork ($9/100g) and all-American sides like brisket beans ($9), mac & cheese ($9) and kale salad ($9 or $18 with meat). 


, 5 new meat restaurants for carnivores in SingaporeDehesa

2. Dehesa

Embracing nose-to-tail dining with a vengence, Jean-Philippe (JP) Patruno of Bomba and Una fame whips up inventive plates of offal that are usually discarded in European fine dining cuisine. We recommend gems like the sauteed ducks’ hearts on toast ($10), soaked 24 hours in vinegar to tenderize the meat; the octopus wrapped in a fine layer of lardo ($28), the Iberico jowls ($28) and the bone marrow ($22 for two). A word of caution: the Dehesa platter of cold meats ($25), with pig head, pig ear, fifi pate and dry, cured sausage is a dish with an acquired taste.

3. Red Eye Smokehouse

Located at Jalan Besar and housed in a modern and minimalist space, this American-style grill restaurant mimicks a fuss-free buffet style approach, so diners here pay only how much they can eat. Order signatures like their US Angus beef brisket ($15), the US chopped pork ($12), and sides like the pork jowl ($9) and spicy Sriracha chicken wings ($8). 
, 5 new meat restaurants for carnivores in Singapore
Seorae Galmaegi

4. Seorae Galmaegi

Launching its first Singapore outlet at Plaza Singapura, fans of Korean barbecue will love the chain’s signature Korean galmaegisal, or pork skirt. The succulent flesh located between the ribs and the belly of the pig is marinated with Korean spices, grilled using the restaurant’s “circle grilling technique” and served with spicy dipping sauces. Also on the menu are a selection of prime pork and beef cuts, melted cheese on the grill and traditional Korean stews. 

5. The Chop House (Katong)

The restaurant’s new outlet at Katong doesn’t stray too far from its flagship at Vivocity but at least it features a slightly more chilled-out vibe. There are the usual mixed grill platters, grilled meats served off the broiler, lamb and pork chops, hearty burgers and sandwiches, and also a selection of pasta and seafood dishes if you’re not up for a steak.