5 reasons to head to the new Highlander*

[Sponsored] Chijmes has undergone a major facelift recently, and that means the arrival of some great new restaurants such as Highlander. It’s a rare Scottish place in town and between the menu, the late hours and the vibe, there are plenty to reasons to check it out immediately.

It’s a carnivore’s delight

The second outlet of this Scottish bar has an expanded menu full of twists on Scottish classics—which means lots of meat. On the menu are plates of Angus beef burgers, rib eye steaks, Scottish ale beef ribs and the full-on Frying Scotsman made with back bacon, pork sausage, fried eggs and tattie scones. But just in case you’re not in a meaty mood, the place also offers dishes of Scottish salmon with warm potato salad, as well as crab and prawn cakes with creme fraiche. 

It’s the perfect after-work hangout

If you’re looking for a CBD watering hole that isn’t in a boring office building, Highlander’s Chijmes location is ideal. The newly-renovated compound now has an airy, sunken courtyard that’s great for after-work drinks. The vibrant alfresco area is always packed to the brim with regulars. The whisky list is comprehensive and full of approachable blends like Lagavulin, as well as heavier malts like Highland Park’s 25-year old. Plus, the happy hour (5-9pm) has beer, wine, whisky and whisky cocktails at half-price every day.

There’s awesome live music

The cavernous bar has pretty swanky Scottish-inspired interiors. Between the psychedelic pink lights, the tartan deer heads and leather seats, it’s also a great venue for live music. There’s six-piece resident band One Love rocking out to Top 40s hits from 10pm every night, as well as regular DJ sets to set the mood. There are also guest bands like The Marisol, who make the bar just that much more vibrant.

It’s open late

Aside from a full dinner menu, the place stays open until 6am. When prata and mee goreng doesn’t hit the spot, head straight for the bar menu’s Wee Bites section. Everything is pretty hearty and approachable with options like classic Scotch eggs and tattie scones, a dish comprising potato scones with a cheese dip, as well as grilled kipper toasties made with haddock fish. We’re particularly biased towards the whisky prawns doused in garlic butter, as well as the potted crab with truffle butter.

You can’t deny the unique Celtic atmosphere

The eclectic Scottish decor—pop art-inspired deer heads and tartan touches—make the place feel modern, while the whisky list covers the bases. From craft Scottish lager to unique whiskies, there are lots of choices to imbibe with snacks here. It’s not one of those scary bars that puzzle you with tons of unpronounceable options, either. All in all, it’s breezy, vibrant and brings a slice of Scotland to Singapore.

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