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When you think of Korean dishes, what first comes to mind? Probably well-barbecued meat matched with an array of classic banchan side dishes. The KBBQ trend is strong as ever, and not going anywhere any time soon. We scoped out the best few Korean BBQ restaurants for some a la carte goodness; you know, for those days when a KBBQ buffet might be a little much.

2D1N Soju Bang

Photo credit: 2D1N Soju Bang Facebook page

Meat lovers, this restaurant might be the place to satisfy your outer carnivore. Aside from the different selections of meat on the menu, they've also launched inviting combos with reasonable prices like the signature beef combo ($90), premium beef combo ($88) and beef and pork combo ($96), for more bang for your buck. Else, their Charcoal BBQ set ($60) with grilled chicken, pork belly and pork spareribs, free banchan and either soup or noodles is worth trying. The restaurant also offers a buffet menu at $20 per adult with unlimited servings of side dishes, meat and their complimentary ice cream. 44/46 Tanjong Pagar Road


8 Eight Korean BBQ

Photo credit: 8 Eight Korean BBQ

Named after its famed 8 Colors set, this restaurant is well-known for its thick and scrumptious slices of pork belly. Definitely get the 8 Colors set, also known as their signature Pork Palate ($98), which has eight popular flavors including original, wine, ginseng, garlic, herb, curry, miso paste and red pepper paste. If you also want some beef for a change, it has selections of Argentinian Beef ($58), US Prime Beef ($42) and Ohmi Wagyu ($110), of which the latter is famed for that melt-in-your-mouth texture. The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street

Chang Korean charcoal BBQ Restaurant 

Photo credit: Chang Facebook page

Probably one of the priciest joints on the island, Chang is worth your dollar for being one of the few outlets on the island using a charcoal-fried grill to barbecue. As such, the meat tastes juicer than that cooked on a traditional gas-powered grill. Think traditional but modernized meat plates, like their signature prime boneless short rib ($48) and wagyu modeum ($148 for 2 people). You're also paying for a better dining environment and service; head inside for warm lighting and spacious seats good for groups, while the quieter outdoor area might be better suited for couples. 71 Loewen Road

Gaia Korean Grill + Bar

Photo credit: Gaia Korean Grill + Bar Facebook page

If you’re the type to worry about the heaviness of Korean BBQ, this restaurant should eliminate your concerns. Initiated by Chef Chun Nam Won who insists on eating healthy and aims to serve only healthy and authentic Korean food, Gaia only serves the freshest meat and vegetables to its customers. Do try their signature Combination Platter ($28) of marinated chicken, pork belly and short rib meats. Plus, they use a specially imported grill that takes in smoke and saves you from that nasty post-KBBQ odor. 17E Lorong Liput


Photo credit: NANTA BBQ

Cheese lovers, look no further. While other BBO restaurants offer a paltry amount of cheese surrounding the pot (if at all), this restaurant highlights its Cheese BBQ set ($59), which comes with gooey cheese for your meats. The must-try is the Cheese Deng-galbi set; cheese takes up a good two-thirds of the plate without drowning the juicy pork rib. The restaurant also has popular side dishes like the Korean spicy seafood noodle soup, haemul-jjamppong ($15). 175 Thomson Road

Seorae Singapore- Korean charcoal BBQ

Photo credit:  Seorae Singapore- Korean charcoal BBQ Facebook page

Though Seorae has become somewhat of a household name, the quality of this KBBQ restaurant remains. With the aim of serving quality Korean food that the Korean royal family once had, Seorae only uses the best quality of ingredients and meat. They're one of the very first BBQ restaurants serving Galmaegisal (skirt meat), otherwise known as the juiciest and most tender part of a pig; the restaurant now has two outlets on the island. Fancy a Singapore-Korea fusion dish? Try their newly released Gamjatang, or Korean Bak Kut Teh ($15.9), on for size. 68 Orchard Road

Super Star K

Photo credit: Super Star K Facebook page

This restaurant that bears the same name as one of the largest Korean entertainment shows in the industry might probably be the most familiar to K-pop lovers. Here you can choose from meats ranging from the more common beef, pork, and seafood, to rarer varieties like duck; in just as large a variety of marinades. There's a vast selection of alcohol to go with your meat such as Hite ($12), Soju ($18) and Makgeolli ($20). Their side dishes are also worth trying—mussels-seafood stew ($25) and spicy cold noodles ($15), which are neither too heavy nor too oily. 75 Tanjong Pagar Rd

Wang Dae Bak

Photo credit: Wang Dae Bak Facebook page

Amoy Street's Wang Dae Bak needs no introduction. For quality BBQ meat at reasonable prices, head to this CBD institution. You can enjoy the juicy and chewy marinated pork shoulder loin for just $18 and marinated prime rib for $28. The meat here is creamy with just the right amount of fat. A bonus for anyone dining in groups: The restaurant has also upgraded its popular SoulMeat set ($119) to a party set that includes meat, side dishes, and desserts like pancakes. Don't be shy to ask for the free-flow of soft egg. Reservations are definitely encouraged because it’s always packed during rush hours. 98 Amoy St