6 Marina Square restaurants with Singapore-inspired dishes for SG50*

[Sponsored] Marina Square is celebrating SG50 in a big way. Here are the six places to head to for specially created dishes on Singapore’s 50th birthday.

The Cookie Museum (#02-280)

The place: Those with a sweet tooth should try some of Singapore’s best cookies. The selection at The Cookie Museum is inspired by flavors and ingredients from around the world. 
The dish: It’s no surprise that for SG50, they are doing special locally inspired flavors like Nasi Lemak cookies and Laksa cookies.

Dian Xiao Er (#02-203-4)

The place: Named after the comforting traveler inns of old China, Dian Xiao Er looks the part, with its wooden shed-like structures. It is famous for its open kitchen and enticing display of roasted herbal duck, though they also do a range of comforting dishes like Dong Po Pork and Hotplate Beancurd with Minced Meat & Pickled Vegetables.
The dish: Taking inspiration from Singapore’s iconic chili crab, Dian Xiao Er is serving its own take with soft-shell crab and a sauce concocted by the chef. During SG50 from July 10-August 10, it’s 30% off (from $25.60).

PUTIEN (#02-205)

The place: All about simple, unpretentious comfort food, this 15 year-old Fujianese restaurant has signature dishes like Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon and Braised Bean Curd with Chinese Cabbage. 
The dish: PUTIEN’s dramatic and structural SG50 tribute dish is a nod to the Marina Bay skyline. Breaded and deep-fried fish and vegetables are arranged in the shape of the Marina Bay Sands resort, with an onion ring and curry-flavored egg pillows representing the Singapore Flyer on the same platter.

Sakae Sushi & Sakae Teppanyaki (#02-207)

The place: The Marina Square branch of this iconic, value-for-money Japanese restaurant serves up an interesting fusion of Sakae Sushi’s signature favorites (more than 200 varieties) and Sakae Teppanyaki’s famous fresh seafood delights. 
The dish: For SG50, there’s 50% off Sakae’s popular Otah Battera range of dishes: thick slices of delectable traditional Otah placed between fluffy sushi rice and topped off with fresh seafood delights including shrimp and salmon. 

Seoul Yummy (#02-202)

The place: Inspired by the fun and energy of K-pop, this casual eatery serves contemporary Korean food in a vibrant atmosphere, emblazoned with colorful wall art, an industrial decor and exposed bricks.
The dish: For SG50, they’re doing a Korean kare stew which gets an added punch of Singaporean sambal. The stew is $39.90 a la carte and $48.90 as part of a three-course combo.

Swensen’s (#01-206-7)

The place: Most famous for its ice cream, the American diner-inspired parlor also has a fun and casual menu of savory dishes for lunch and dinner.
The dish: They’ve created a special locally inspired dish for Singapore’s birthday: local grey mullet is glazed with homemade chili kicap manis and grilled to preserve its freshness. Available for $15.90.

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