To save some time for you to join the Pokemon Centre queue

So you’ve travelled all the way to Changi hoping for a taste of the legendary Shake Shack and A&W you’ve been seeing all over Facebook this month, only to realise that the queue still runs for two hours. Forget your disappointment and check out these other new launches from old fast food favourites instead; they'll occupy your mind and tummy while you wait for queues to dissipate.

Baskin-Robbins’ Waffle Cone Crunch

It’s a waffle-flavoured ice cream embedded with chocolate-coated waffle pieces, and you can get it on a waffle cone—talk about a foodception. This new concoction is Baskin-Robbins’ flavour of the month in Singapore, and strives to celebrate the recognisable aroma of freshly-baked waffle cones that permeates through a Baskin-Robbins outlet.

KFC’s Hotblaze Grilled Chicken

Following up to the success of their Mala-flavoured chicken, KFC has opted for a less greasy, yet still flavoursome, path of serving its poultry grilled rather than deep-fried. While a grilled version of the signature chicken already exists on the menu, this one has a more of a kick than your usual. Chillies, oregano and black pepper spice up the usually tame chicken. The KFC Hotblaze Grilled Chicken is priced starting from $10.95.

Old Chang Kee’s Flavour of the World

To commemorate the launch of the new outlet in Jewel, Old Chang Kee has released an array of new curry puff flavours exclusive to the outlet, under the theme “Flavours of the World”. This range aims to showcase the incorporation of iconic relishes from several countries, including China’s mala one which has unsurprisingly stolen the spotlight. Other additions include Teriyaki Chicken O’, HK BBQ Chicken O’, and Chili Crab O’; influenced by Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore respectively. As a bonus, a Kaya Butter Puff has been added to the menu—reminding Singaporeans of their unique breakfast roots. 

Mcdonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger, Banana Pie and Chendol Desserts

It's back! McDonald’s has announced the comeback of its highly sought-after Nasi Lemak Burger ($6.20) and Banana Pie ($1.40), which will return islandwide Apr 25. The fan favourite first appeared July of 2017, selling out in just two weeks. Since then, the locally inspired burger has been a much requested food item and one of the more successful expeditions the fast food giant has taken on. Each burger features a distinctive coconut-flavoured chicken thigh coated in cornflake crust under a hearty topping of fried egg, cucumbers and caramelized onions, then blanketed in a fragrant sweet-spicy sambal sauce. Pair this with a Banana pie for a tart-y treat.

Also back on the menu as part of the local flavour experience is the Chendol dessert crew—consisting of a Chendol-flavoured regular soft serve ($1), vanilla-Chendol “twist” ($1), chocolate-shelled ($1.20), and a hot fudge sundae ($2) ice cream. The star of the show, though, has to be the Chendol McFlurry ($3.10), where saccharine gula melaka meets the signature vanilla soft serve, topped with chewy bits of Chendol.

Pizza Hut Sweet Potato Stuffed Crust Hawaiian Pizza

It’s amazing what Pizza Hut can hide in their flakey crusts. We've seen shrimps, sausages, five different types of cheese; and most recently, sweet potatoes. These starchy delights line the classic Hawaiian toppings, creating a medley of cheesy pineapples and soft mash of sweet potatoes. The Sweet Potato Stuffed Crust Hawaiian Pizza comes in two variations: spicy and non-spicy, both priced at $28.90. You’re not gonna want to leave the crust behind for this one.

Popeye’s Spicy Coconut Chick n’ WAH-ffle

We've saved the best for last. At first glance, this Franken-creation would probably make people recoil in disgust, but we say don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it. Dubbed the Spicy Coconut Chick n’ WAH-ffle, which is as much of a mouthful as it is a meal, the waffle-bun chicken burger comprises a spicy coconut chicken sandwiched between a chocolate Belgian waffle and a kaya waffle, with a drizzle of nacho cheese on top to seal the deal. “WAH” indeed.