9 new restaurants to satisfy your cravings in Singapore this June

This mid-year holidays, as we scour our colourful island for new experiences to enjoy with family and loved ones, we present these 9 restaurants to add to your essential dining adventures.




, 9 new restaurants to satisfy your cravings in Singapore this June


Presenting an abundance of epicurean indulgence this season, this fine French bistro and bakery within the CBD is set to bring diners on an old-world escape with their exquisite showcase of premium wines. Featuring an all-day dining menu filled with the flair of French influence, highlights include HENRI’s Charcuterie Grand Plateau – a stunning presenting of Parma ham, Saucisse d’Auvergne, Rosette de Lyon, duck rillette, tomme des croquants de noix, curé nantais, Bleu d’Auvergne, sourdough bread, arugula rocket salad, green olives, and French pickles – the Saint Jacques Capellini with tobiko, kombu dressing, and chives, and their charming Bouchée, Parisian-inspired puff pastry shells filled to the brim with creamy garlic crème fraîche, accentuated with fine herbs.

Elevate your dining experience with quality French wines such as the Coteaux du Layon “Le Clos de la Bergerie, a light and sweet wine that captures flavours of apple, pear, and peach, with notes of quince and linden – a perfect partner for beef tartare, charcuteries, and desserts – and the François & Fils “Côte-Rôtie”, a multi-faceted wine whose key notes enhance the savoury umami of red meats. Pair the Côte-Rôtie with HENRI’s smoky Steak Box or Beef Cheek to unveil the wine’s fruity notes and velvety texture.


Earle Swensen’s


, 9 new restaurants to satisfy your cravings in Singapore this June


Inspired by their Chef’s adventures around the world, Earle Swensen’s presents a refreshed grand menu that takes diners on a world tour of their own. Embarking on a gastronomic journey across regions and cultures, the refreshed menu features all-day brunch favourites, new brioche burgers with a crisp, golden char, hearty mains selections, quality pasta, and beautifully charred hand-stretched Neapolitan pizzas. Highlights such as the new Golden Bun (Parmesan Crisp Burger) is a decadent treat that comes with layers of Monterey Jack sliced cheese.




, 9 new restaurants to satisfy your cravings in Singapore this June


Formerly known as Fat Belly, this laid-back community steakhouse is a cosy retreat filled with the mouthwatering wonders of premium secondary cuts sourced from the best farms around the world. Featuring a hearty menu designed for sharing, this relaxed diner nestled within the Bukit Timah district welcomes guests with warm hospitality, and selection of charcoal-grilled meats, moreish sides, and classic desserts with a twist. Look out for stars on the menu such as Full-Blood Wagyu Denver MS-6/7 from renowned Australian heritage producer 2GR, Rioplatense Grass-Fed Ribeye from Pampas, Argentina, and Primrose Pork Rib Caps from Primrose Farms Canada, where the pigs are raised on a wholesome diet of vegetables grains like barley and corn for a distinct tender flavour.




, 9 new restaurants to satisfy your cravings in Singapore this June


A household name famed for their authentic, artisan Hakata Tonkotsu ramen, IPPUDO introduces two exclusive ramen flavours to celebrate this summer. Available now for a limited time only, savour the new Tai Shio Japan, a delightful seafood-based ramen with clear scallop broth simmered to perfect sweetness with IPPUDO’s signature kaeshi, juicy Aburi scallops, and tender sous vide chicken breast chashu, and the seasonal Maze Soba Jiro ramen, a dry ramen topped with an onsen egg, aburi diced chashu, marinated minced pork, and a whole treasure trove of umami goodness.


JUMBO Signatures


, 9 new restaurants to satisfy your cravings in Singapore this June


The latest concept by the JUMBO Group, this flagship premium restaurant within our illustrious Marina Bay Sands celebrates the quintessential tastes of Singaporean cuisine, showcasing a menu that consists of iconic dishes from the group’s multiple dining concepts alongside outlet-exclusive creations that are bound to leave you wanting more.

Perfect for all occasions – from power meals in between a busy work day to corporate functions with important guests – the outlet’s Signatures Tasting Menu is a carefully curated culinary journey through the best dishes the group has to offer, featuring a satisfying eight-course meal with amuse bouche and palate cleanser for a complete experience. The extensive menu also allows diners to pick and choose their favourite dishes to curate the perfect meal for each and every individual. Highlight to look out for include the Chilli Mud Crab Pincer, a beautiful presentation of the crab’s meatiest part without the fuss of needing to crack it open, an impressively rich Sliced Luffa Melon in Collagen Soup, and unique offerings such as Truffle Prawn Ball with Foie Gras.


Menya Kokoro


, 9 new restaurants to satisfy your cravings in Singapore this June


Tokyo’s most popular mazesoba chain, Menya Kokoro makes their noodles in-house daily, using only whole grain Japanese wheat flour. Ramen lovers can look forward to their upcoming seasonal Tsukesoba specials, featuring dipping sauce choices of original, spicy, and mental flavours. Savour the Kokoro Tsukesoba with either the original or spicy sauce, elevated with refreshing citrus notes courtesy of grated yuzu peel, or indulge in the rich Mentai Tsukesoba, with pops of tobiko that add on to the deep umami flavour of mentai.

Also happening on 27 – 30 Jun and 04 – 07 Jul, head over with a buddy to enjoy 50% off your 2nd bowl of Tsukesoba!


Nobu Singapore


, 9 new restaurants to satisfy your cravings in Singapore this June


Officially opening their doors at the start of this month, this brand new restaurant within the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Singapore is the latest of the iconic Japanese restaurant empire’s exciting concepts. Globally acclaimed for consistently offering stunning atmospheres and creatively fascinating cuisine, Nobu Singapore stays true to the brand’s DNA, offering gourmands and foodies in Singapore a taste of celebrity chef and restaurateur Nobu Matsuhisa’s New-Style Japanese cuisine, enhanced with exquisite touches of Peruvian flavours.

Boasting the world’s first Nobu restaurant with an outdoor designer Japanese garden and a private dining space with a Chef’s Table, look forward to a taste of Nobu’s signatures like his famed Black Cod Miso, Yellowtail Jalapeño, Toro Tartare with Caviar, a multi-course Omakase menu that celebrates the freshest and finest ingredients, and mouthwatering Teppenyaki dinners at this unforgettable restaurant.




, 9 new restaurants to satisfy your cravings in Singapore this June


Known for their Premium Char Siu Shoyu Soba, the world’s first Michelin-starred ramen eatery now welcomes diners at their new Ngee Ann City outlet, along with two new exciting items on the menu. Exclusively for the month of June, wagyu beef takes centre stage with the Wagyu Beef Dandan Soba and Grilled Wagyu Beef on Hot Stone. Made with minced wagyu beef and enriched with a walnut paste, the Dandan Soba features Szechuan green peppers that lend a touch of sweetness through its bold flavour, black pepper powder and homemade mala oil for that additional layer of taste, and a dash of apple cider vinegar to brighten things up. Beef lovers will also get a chance to satisfy their craving with thick slices of premium beef, grilled to their own liking over a sizzling hot stone with the Hot Stone experience.




, 9 new restaurants to satisfy your cravings in Singapore this June


A local outpost of China’s largest casual Yunnan restaurant chain, they specialise in Yunnan ethnic highland cuisines, employing the freshest ingredients from the highlands of Yunnan itself. Making a name with specialities such as their Steamed Pot Chicken Soup and Braised Wild Porcini Mushrooms, visit their Singapore outlet for an authentic taste of highland cuisines and indulge in Singapore-exclusive dishes that showcase exquisite use of quality ingredients with culinary finesse – adding fresh lily bulbs to their Chicken Soup and fresh fish maw to their Wild Porcini Mushrooms, for example.