Another reason to head to Portsdown’s Infinite Studios

Infinite Studios is no longer for one-off concerts and festivals (such as Freq’ender). The compound now gets a cocktail bar among the cafes and offices.

DSTLLRY is a Japanese-style restaurant and a bespoke bar shaking up cocktails by Red Chuang. Although there’s no cocktail menu yet, expect classics with a twist as well as kooky creations. It’s got a cocktail pairing and omakase concept with the usual suspects: both classic drinks and bespoke creations. The kitchen also whips up Japanese-inspired small dishes of king crab with ikura sauce and lunchtime bara chirashi bowls. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the space is decked out in slate gray tones with all the action taking place at the square stone bar off in a corner. Japanese industrial look aside, the open plan space also doubles as a performance venue and art gallery, so expect some acoustic shows in the future.