A new Austrian restaurant opens at Capitol Piazza

Zott’s is no longer the only restaurant focusing on Germanic Alpine food.

Kaiserhaus is Capitol Piazza’s latest opening (when is this place not opening something?) and the restaurant draws inspiration from the Habsburg Empire to serve food that pays homage to the 16th century dynasty that spanned Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and even Northern Italy.

Austrian chef Hans Luftenegger will be pushing out plates of tafelspitz, slow-cooked rump and oyster blade beef with carrots, potatoes and bone marrow served with bread and a horseradish sauce; Cevapi, a Balkan dish comprising spicy grilled skinless beef sausages with rosti and bell pepper relish and a Bohemian pork roast with gabelkraut, a sweeter variation of sauerkraut. If that all sounds too foreign, don’t worry, you can still order safe dishes like the weiner schnitzel, the classic breaded veal dish of Austria.

The predominantly wood-and-tile restaurant also has a list of Czech and Austrian craft beers like a Hirter pilsner and wines from countries like Hungary, Austria, Northern Italy and Croatia.