A&W is returning to Singapore in 2019, but we might not be able to have it as often as we’d like

We heard last year that well-loved A&W would return to Singapore this year, but according to a report, it looks like we have to wait another year. But hey, at least we know now that it’s going to be at Changi Airport’s upcoming new mall Jewel—not the most ideal place, to be honest—and that we’re also getting our very first Shake Shack. It’s about time. 

Unfortunately for those living in the extreme west, south and north, it’s going to be an arduous journey from one end to the other, just to indulge in root beer, floats, coney dogs, waffles and curly fries for an hour or two. But make no mistake; we’re definitely glad that we no longer have to travel across the causeway just for A&W. Though we can’t help but feel a little bummed out with their choice of location for their first outlet, we remain cautiously hopeful that they already have plans in the pipeline to expand to other parts of Singapore (update: they’ve replied on their FB page comments section, confirming that they will be opening more outlets, but dates aren’t confirmed). It’s just like what happened with Popeye’s; once only available in Changi, now available almost everywhere (let’s hope the quality of A&W doesn’t go downhill like Popeye’s).

Perhaps they’ll even revive the iconic outlet on the Riverboat that was once docked at Sentosa? One can dream.