Where to find freshly baked bagels in Singapore

Us Singaporeans have an undeniable love for bread, so it is no surprise that bagels are such a hit here. Looking for places to grab some? These are your best options.

Able Bagel

, Where to find freshly baked bagels in Singapore

Promising handmade homemade bagels from Thursdays through Sundays, Able Bagel is a home-based business offering freshly baked goods and coffee. So get your bagels to-go, favourites here include the locally-inspired Ahh Lemak for a fried chicken cutlet, sambal chilli sauce and cucumber salad packed into a coconut bagel, as well as the classic Love U Lox. Able Bagel also does pop-ups at restaurants and cafes islandwide, so keep up with their Instagram page to visit them for dine-ins.

Baker’s Bench Bakery

, Where to find freshly baked bagels in Singapore

For 100 percent sourdough bagels, look no further than Baker’s Bench Bakery. All affordably priced, the Everything Bagel is a crowd pleaser while the Cinnamon & Raisin will suit those with a sweet tooth. You can even opt for the Cheezy Mess or the Cranberry & Walnut if you’re steering clear of the typical Plain bagel. Baker’s Bench Bakery is available for dine-in, or takeaway and delivery.

Bread Yard

, Where to find freshly baked bagels in Singapore

Known far and wide for its breads, Bread Yard offers one very delicious bagel sandwich on its menu: Lox & Bagel. So tuck into a homemade multi-seed bagel stuffed with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, semi-dried cherry tomatoes and more; if you’re staying in, feel free to get their seeded and plain bagels delivered to you instead.

Onalu Bagel Haus

, Where to find freshly baked bagels in Singapore

It is easy to dismiss cafes found on school campuses, but don’t overlook Onalu Bagel Haus, located at Singapore Management University. Here, enjoy a solid selection of bagel sandwiches, like the hearty Classic B.E.C (bacon, eggs, cheese) as well as the Bogogi Beef. If you need any more convincing, the eats at Onalu are pretty reasonably priced too.

Two Men Bagel House

, Where to find freshly baked bagels in Singapore

With three outlets found all across our sunny island, Two Men Bagel House is Singapore’s unofficial bagel expert. Our favourite is the quaint Novena branch, which offers mouth-watering finds like the pulled lamb rump Chingon, and Shiggin’, which packs a smoked wagyu brisket. We also recommend browsing the breakfast menu, as Sunday Best and Beckie are top-notch options too.