These bakeries will provide delicious treats, worthy of any special occasion

Cakes are the backbone of any worthy celebration, and if you’re looking for the perfect dessert to commemorate a special occasion, then you’ve come to the right place. Below, we list a slew of bakeries, ready to serve delicious sweet treats like cakes, cupcakes and more.

Bob the Baker Boy

Those looking for a dessert expert to take bespoke creations to a whole new level should turn to homegrown bakery Bob the Baker Boy. On a mission to bake a million people happy, expect whimsical treats and unique experiences with the shop’s sweet, sweet delights. ‘Cause besides the usual, beautiful cakes, Bob the Baker Boy also crafts Korean bento cakes, drinkable cakes and money-pulling cakes. But don’t worry, no matter the design, Bob the Baker Boy will ensure no compromise on quality with cakes which are lower in sugar, softer, and tastier.

Creme Maison Bakery

This bakery has captured a lot of attention online for its tiered creations and Insta-worthy dessert tables. So if you’re looking for either of those things, you’ll be in for a treat. Simply shop for gourmet cakes on the brand’s e-shop; crowd-pleasers include the Raspberry Lychee Rose and Earl Grey Lavender. Dozens of cupcakes are also available by the box, and so are cake pops, macarons and donuts.


For refreshing flavour combinations, go with Cupplets, an artisanal bakery serving cakes that please the senses. Their Yuzu Passionfruit is taken up a notch with some toasted banana, while the Honey is paired perfectly with pistachio. One of their bestsellers is also the Elderflower cake—and for good reason. If you’ve got specific designs and flavour profiles in mind, just reach out to them for their customisation services.

The Frosted Chick

You can trust the friendly folks of The Frosted Chick to deliver classic bakes that’ll satisfy the whole family. Choose signatures like the whole Nutella Velvet Cake or Matcha White Chocolate Cake; otherwise, opt for their cupcakes which pack a punch thanks to generous servings of buttercream frosting and ganache. The artisanal bakery also specialises in pinata chocolate bombshell cakes which crack open after a good knockin’, so just bear that in mind for future special occasions.

Pan Pacific Marketplace

Pan Pacific Singapore’s gourmet cafe Pacific Marketplace is another great spot for indulgent cakes. Serving both slices and whole, hefty creations, this is where eye-catching designs shine as the cakes are almost too pretty to eat. We know they’ve got fabulous options like the 1kg Strawberry Pistachio Shortcake and 500g Burnt Cheesecake; their unique Matcha Yuzu Lychee Entremet and Earl Grey Lavender will have you hearing gasps of delight upon unveiling for sure.


Best known for their 3D cakes, Susucre is where your cake dreams come to life. Those planning a wedding can also choose to tell their story with the top bakery, as the shop does both simple, elegant desserts as well as extravagant delights. That’s not to say you can’t pick an off-the-shelf piece; simply click here and shop away.