It’s about to get messy

Chicken wings—so versatile, and always incredibly satisfying. In fact, there are just some days where all you want to do is chow down bucketloads of wings. And on those days, these are the places you should visit. Glove up folks, it’s about to get messy.


It is a little ironic that the first spot on this list doesn’t advertise wings but burgers in its name. Yet, the Hot Yangnyeom Chicken is so spicy and flavourful, it deserves plenty of attention. Get them in drumettes, wings, or large drum pieces; the level of spice and taste comes close to that of the infamous Samyang Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen, which is what makes it a favourite of ours.

Chir Chir Singapore

One of the first few chains to bring the Korean fried chicken craze to Singapore is Chir Chir. Their menu for chicken is pretty extensive, with a substantial variety of flavours to choose from. The Nest Snow is really popular thanks to it being served in a hotplate, and topped with generous chicken chunks, vegetables, mash potato, and finally, a dollop of whipped cream. A little outlandish if you ask us, but it works.

Kko Kko Na Ra

Tanjong Pagar’s Kko Kko Na Ra doesn’t just serve tasty Korean mains, but authentic Korean fried chicken too. The Yang Nyum Chicken is a sweet and spicy option, while the fried chicken is essentially your classic, uber deep-fried crispy chicken. All chicken dishes here are served in both wings and drumettes.

Lola’s Cafe

Probably the most Instagrammed wings of the lot, Lola’s Cafe’s Honey Paprika Crispy Wings is the dish that put the diner on the map, despite it being just a starter. So just head to Simon Road to find out if it’s worth the hype yourself.

No. 5 Emerald Hill

This Emerald Hill stalwart is well-known by locals for its prawn paste chicken wings, with some even hailing it as the best place in Singapore to get their har cheong gai fix. And we can definitely vouch that it’s so addictive, we’ve ordered more than just seconds and thirds. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they’ve got plenty of drinks to pair with the dish.


An unassuming spot for chicken wings is Se7enth, located at Shenton Way’s Oakwood Premier AMTD Singapore (they go by that now). Their Crispy Chicken Wings are drizzled with a truffle maple sauce, which makes for deliciously glazed wings. If you’ve got a food coma, feel free to check yourself into one of the accommodation space’s comfy rooms.

Two Wings

We Singaporeans are not only proud, but protective of our hawker culture too. So it’s nice when we see a joint like Two Wings expand from a canteen stall, to a chain with multiple outlets dotted around the city. And of course we’ll patronise, to get a taste of their yummy, signature wings and drumettes. The Heritage flavour is a no-brainer, while the Mala and Chilli Crab are trendier choices.