Insta-worthy creations perfect for any dinner table

Whether it is a classic Yule log or a show-stopping Christmas cake, all festive desserts have a place on the dinner table. Below, we list some of the best places around to pick up delicious holiday treats which are Insta-worthy and far worth the calories.

Carlton Hotel Singapore


If you’d like to skimp on the sugar this festive season, go ahead and try Carlton Hotel Singapore’s low sugar Black Forest Log Cake that’s made with 30 per cent less sugar and no alcohol. Still as indulgent sans the overpowering, saccharine flavour, the Christmas-inspired cake is the perfect, guilt-free solution for dessert lovers. Otherwise, the new Mango Tango Log Cake is another great option; select this flavour to savour fresh mango chunks sandwiched between layers of light sponge cake.

Goodwood Park Hotel


An homage to the luxury property’s German beginnings in 1900, Goodwood Park Hotel’s Christmas Holiday Cabin Log Cake is a work of art that will charm all dinner party guests. Constructed to resemble a cosy holiday cabin, tha cake has all the classic flavours of black forest. Its milk chocolate ‘walls’ enclose soft chocolate sponge layered with chocolate cream, and dark sweet cherries prepared in a compote of cherry juice and red wine. And remember to get all your Insta-worthy shots before tucking into the decadent dessert.

Pan Pacific Singapore


This Christmas, be spoiled for choice at Pan Pacific Singapore’s Pacific Marketplace as the gourmet grocery and cafe unveils its festive season goodies which include everything from a breathtaking Homemade Gingerbread House to Homemade Chocolate Pralines. But its gorgeous Yule Logs are still the mainstay; choose flavours like the Matcha Hazelnut Log Cake that boasts a crunchy feuilletine base, hazelnut sponge, smooth hazelnut cremeux and rich matcha mousse; as well as the fruity Coco Pineapple Log Cake that’s made with pineapple cremeux, slow-caramelised pineapple compote, roasted coconut feuilletine base and coconut dacquoise sponge.

Parkroyal Collection Pickering


Throw an intimate Christmas celebration in the comfort of your own home with the help of Parkroyal Collection Pickering. Over at Lime restaurant’s e-shop, choose from an enchanting ensemble of festive delights including the Celebration Set brimming with Pre-Carved Roasted Turkey Breast, Honey Baked Ham and a Trio of Mini Yule Logs. But don’t miss out on the other desserts such as the Christmas Fruit Cake and Zen Chocolate Christmas Tree too.

Resorts World Sentosa


From Resorts World Sentosa comes one of the most Instagrammable holiday treats this year, the Elderflower Festive Ball. Rivalling all turkey dishes for a spot as the centerpiece of the dining table, see this gorgeous interpretation of a Christmas Noel Ball steal hearts with its red coconut praline shell, elderflower-infused sponge, almond biscuits, crunchy nutty streusel, custard, confit of red fruits and more. It’s a real plus that the dessert tastes as good as it looks.

The festive desserts mentioned are available for orders and pre-orders from now till December 2020. More information on the respective websites linked above.