Guide to the Best Kombucha—Singapore Brands to Drink Healthy With

Kombucha—a fermented, sweetened tea beverage—is all the rage these days. It’s said to boast a wide array of health benefits thanks to all the probiotics and antioxidants it contains, as well as having plenty of vitamin c and organic acids. Many have even begun brewing their own kombucha or junboocha too. But if you’d prefer leaving the brewing process to the experts, fret not. Below, we list five local kombucha brands that you can support while getting your fix of handcrafted drinks.

Boochery & co.

Plenty of vitamins and nutrients in Kombucha

If you’re looking to promote better gut health, a bottle of Boochery & co.’s honest, handcrafted kombucha tea might help. Choose from flavours such as Lalalemon that boasts strawberry and lemon notes, as well as Nikki Tikki that’s a refreshing combination of pineapple and ginger; all beverages are brewed in small batches and available in limited quantities. Don’t forget to pre-order your favourite drinks and keep updated with the local kombucha brand on Instagram too.


Mixed Berries Kombucha Singapore

Currently the only kombucha brand in Singapore using raw organic honey instead of refined or artificial sugar, Fizzicle readily doles out organic certified kombucha and junboocha for locals obsessed with fermented tea beverages. Get your fix by the case, or try Fizzicle’s monthly subscription for regular deliveries of a dozen kombucha drinks. Popular Fizzicle flavours include Ginger, Hibiscus Jun and Immunity (Earl Grey and Trigona Honey).

The Good Kombucha

Refreshing kombucha with natural ingredients

For some of the most reasonably priced kombucha beverages around, turn your attention to The Good Kombucha. Offering four to eight pack hampers starting from $34, this local label also carries refreshing varieties infused with flavours such as Peach & Oolong, and Watermelon & Mint Tea. Did we mention that all orders above $25 are entitled to free delivery too?


Local kombucha with unique flavours

Founded amid Singapore’s circuit breaker period (May 2020), Komboochy is as local as it gets. With flavours inspired by Asian and Singaporean influences, try unique creations such as the Lychee Rose, Pomegranate Roselle and even Tangerine Chrysanthemum. In fact, in light of Singapore’s 55th birthday last year, the brand even released limited-edition flavours like Lemongrass Pandan, Sour Plum and Calamansi. You know you’ll always be able to look forward to these exotic selections in addition to the signature blends.

Nami Kombucha

Healthy kombucha and other snacks

Operating only on a brew-to-order basis, Nami Kombucha should be your go-to for nourishing thirst quenchers. We recommend the anti-inflammatory powerhouse that’s the Turmeric Ginger Lemongrass Honey blend, as well as the simple but delicious Chrysanthemum Honey. Try the seasonal Grape Mint and Blueberry Chamomile when you can; and browse their tasty snack options made in collaboration with other labels too.

Healthy Kombucha in Singapore

The health benefits of kombucha are vast. People drink kombucha and other probiotic drinks to improve their immune system, get a healthier gut, and enjoy interesting flavours at the same time. It’s the perfect drink to mix flavour and good health. What are you waiting for? Visit one of these places and make it your new regular joint today!