Satisfy Your Cravings for Korean Food – 13 Local Restaurants

If you think authentic and flavourful Korean cuisine is hard to come by in Singapore, think again. Below, we present the 14 best eateries that offer quality Korean meals, from glazed, fried chicken wings to hearty barbecues and stews.

8 Korean BBQ

8 korean bbq meats, korean restaurant

Specialising in K-barbecue showcasing pork cuts, 8 Korean BBQ doesn’t stinge on its meats. Enjoy its signature 8 Colours Set that boasts eight different flavours of pork belly, including Wine, Ginseng, Red Pepper Paste and Herb. The set suitable for a family of three or four also entails kimchi, bean sprouts, vegetables and a stew of choice. Also feast on the Army Stew or Japchae, then wash it all down with some Honey Yakult Makgeolli or Passionfruit Makgeolli.

The Boneless Kitchen

Making Korean cuisine more accessible to a meat-free audience is The Boneless Kitchen, which has found a way to work vegetarianism into its menu. If you’re not indulging in the vegan Kimchi Mandu, then try the Dolsot Bibimbap that’s brimming with shredded vegetables atop a bed of crispy, semi-charred rice.


For thick, juicy cuts of premium meat grilled to Korean barbecue perfection, head to Go K BBQ. They specialise in aged meat; pork and beef are dry-aged for 15 days to allow more flavour and tenderness. Order their aged pork belly and aged beef brisket, and try not to fill up on their side dishes and appetisers while waiting.

Hanwoori Korean Restaurant

hanwoori korean restaurant dishes
Image: Hanwoori Korean Restaurant

This cosy, no-frills restaurant tucked away in Serangoon Garden has a wide variety of Korean classics such as the beef bulgogi, kimchi stew, seafood pancake, jjajangmyeon and more. They also offer 10 different side dishes with free refills.

HoHo Korean Restaurant

A taste of Seoul hidden in the West, HoHo is a family-run restaurant that serves tasty, traditional Korean food. Grab a table at their outdoor seating area and enjoy staples like the seafood pancake and army stew, along with a bowl of hearty makgeolli.

Jinjja Chicken

bibimbap, jjajangmyeon, jjampong at jinjja chicken korean restaurant
Image: Jinjja Chicken

Fast Korean food is a thing now, thanks to Jinjja Chicken, which currently boasts five outlets islandwide. The Halal-certified fast casual eatery serves Korean-style fried chicken and street food, made with Asian staples like noodles and rice. Try the signature Jinjja Wings, Tteokbokki fries, and for a healthier twist, their Tofu Bibimsalad.

Joo Mak 

As dingy-looking as Beauty World Centre may be, the mall is actually home to one of the best Korean restaurants in Singapore. At Joo Mak, enjoy smoky, barbecued meats; Yukgaejang—spicy beef soup topped with generous portions of bean sprouts and shallots; as well as the fluffiest of steamed eggs.

Kim Dae Mun

authentic korean food at korean restaurant, fried dumplings
Image: Kim Dae Mun

Occupying what was once a food court at Concorde Hotel, Kim Dae Mun’s restaurant-worthy fare costs around $10 or less. Must-tries include their fried saba fish, beancurd soup and fried dumplings. Authentic, appetitising and affordable–it’s no wonder this casual Korean eatery is always packed.

Kim’s Family Korean Restaurant

With a couple of outlets dotting our tiny island, Kim’s Family Korean Restaurant is most definitely one of our go-to Korean eateries. Here, try the naengmyeon that offers chewy buckwheat noodles in an ice-cold broth, spicy seafood stews, as well as the Korean kimchi pancake. You might want to make a reservation before you head down, as their restaurants get pretty crowded during dinner hours.

O.BBa BB1 Tanjong Pagar

There’s no shortage of Korean eateries in the Tanjong Pagar enclave, and this K-barbecue joint is one of its best. What we like about O.BBa, aside from their variety of quality meats and traditional dishes, is their impeccable service. Just sit back and relax as their servers take over the grill, serving up perfectly cooked meat for your dining pleasure. O.BBa operates till 7am, making this the perfect late-night supper spot.

Oven & Fried Chicken

korean fried chicken at oven & fried chicken korean restaurant

Located at Upper Bukit Timah, restaurant Oven & Fried Chicken is the local franchise of two popular fried chicken restaurants in South Korea. So look forward to enjoying authentic Korean fried chicken at this joint; both the addictive Crunch Chicken and sweet yet spicy Yang Nyeom Chicken too. For a full Korean feast, grab beer, soju and more side dishes. 

SBCD Korean Tofu House

traditional korean dishes like soontofu at korean restaurant
Image: SBCD Korean Tofu House

SBCD is all about traditional Korean soft toufu soup (Soontofu), brewed using silky handmade soybeans from Paju, South Korea. Stars of their sizeable list of Soontofu flavours include the Original (it boasts a 10-ingredient secret recipe soup broth), and the Assorted, which is a mix of spicy tofu, beef and shellfish. For a more unusual meal, give SBCD’s Korean puffer fish dishes a try.

Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ

authentic Korean cuisine, korean bbq grill korean restaurant
Image: Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ
There’s always a crowd at Wang Dae Bak, drawn in by its authentic fare–juicy charcoal-grilled meats, crispy Korean pancakes, spicy rice cakes and more. Other quintessential Korean dishes like ginseng chicken soup and bibimbap are available too.