You can still get your supper fix despite border closures

Forget about patiently waiting for the border to open just to head to JB for your lok lok fix. Below, we list some of the best lok lok stalls here in Singapore, from the vastly popular Fei Zhu Lok Lok to others featuring mala eats and locally-inspired hotpot broths. Just round up the gang for a late night supper sesh when the weekend rolls around.

Fei Zhu Lok Lok


Now one of the most popular lok lok stalls around, Fei Zhu Lok Lok at 1010 Tai Seng Avenue is all about delicious yet affordable skewered eats. Here, tuck into delights like the deep-fried broccoli, beancurd skin and mushroom varieties; their Shiok Rice that offers a plate of white rice topped with spicy chilli sauce alongside a selection of skewers have also captured the hearts of locals. Just be prepared to queue whenever you visit, as the stall is known to draw large crowds hoping to get their supper fix.

Go Lok Lok


An authentic Malaysian lok lok experience awaits at Jurong West’s Go Lok Lok, which offers a wide selection of skewers including satay, mantou, seafood and bacon-wrapped enoki mushroom. After the skewers are deep-fried to perfection, the sticks are then drizzled in a special homemade sauce and flavoured with additional seasoning. Those looking to turn up the heat can also opt for their mala seasoning and request for the Belachan and Thai Chilli sauce.

Malaysian Local Delights


The first Malacca-style lok lok steamboat buffet eatery to open in Singapore, Malaysia Local Delights is yet another popular spot for skewered grub. ‘Cause in addition to the vast servings of deep-fried lok lok sticks, there are also barbecue and steamboat options available to patrons. All included in the ala carte buffet price, just enjoy your skewers however you please by placing your requests on the order sheets provided.

Zaolek Lok Lok Singapore


Fancy cooking your lok lok skewers in a laksa broth? Well now you can, at Zaolek Lok Lok that also serves tom yum, bak kut teh and ma la soup for its steamboat lok lok buffet. Mouth-watering ingredients include pork belly slices, luncheon meat, beancurd skin and even cheese tofu; feel free to indulge in fried lok lok as well as the crispy skewers are up for grabs too.