Delicious Mexican Food: 9 Restaurants to Satisfy Your Cravings

Singapore’s F&B scene has truly come a long way. While we definitely recall a time when Mexican fare was hard to find, they are now easily found all around the island. Whether you’re simply into comforting pieces of tacos and burritos, or enjoy sipping on tequila tipples, these following nine joints serve them in spades.

El Mero Mero

soft shell tacos at el mero mero, mexican restaurants in singapore

We love spending our weekends lounging at El Mero Mero’s Chijmes outdoor terrace while sipping on a classic margarita. Mains perfect for lunch and dinner include the chorizo-filled Campechano El Taco, slow-cooked Pork Belly in Pipian Verde and unique Tortilla Soup. For dessert, end off with some homemade corn cake aka Pan De Elote and smoked chocolate skulls. Fun.

Guzman y Gomez

authentic mexican fare at guzmans, mexican food singapore

Guzman y Gomez may be a fast-casual concept, but don’t mistake this affordable restaurant for anything less than a spot that dishes out tasty Mexican fare. Originating from the land Down Under, this franchise can be trusted for its Chipotle-like menu that bears burritos, nachos, burrito bowls and crunchy tacos. Simply choose any of the meat or vegetable fillings to go with your selection of main; mouth-watering options include the slow-cooked beef, grilled steak and even sauteed vegetables with guacamole. Its full list of locations here.

Lower East Side Taqueria

best mexican restaurants in the east

East siders flock to the Lower East Side for a taste of delicious Mexican-inspired cuisine as the taqueria is known to offer spicy Mexican fusion food that pairs perfectly with refreshing pints of craft beer. Dine-in to indulge in anything from the Jalapeno Poppers to the Chilli Beef Trio Tacos; just remember to leave room for quesadillas like the Pork Carnitas and Chipotle Calzone too.

Lucha Loco

lucha loco tacos, mexican food singapore

Originally helmed by three amigos looking to bring Mexican cuisine to Singapore’s F&B scene, the go-to place that is Lucha Loco on Duxton Hill was the first outlet by The Loco Group. A casual yet vibrant eatery thanks to its outdoor seating which allows intimate gatherings, come for the familia-style dinner menu that features elotes (Mexican street-style corn), taco and quesadilla platters for sharing. And feel free to check out its sister restaurant Super Loco if a Mexican-style brunch is what you crave.


classic mexican dishes and tacos at mucha

A humble joint boasting mouth-watering burrito bowls, this is a place where most locals experienced their first taste of Mexican cuisine in Singapore. And they’ve come a long way since their opening, closing, re-opening and shifting of locations. So don’t miss out on their hearty Mexican fast food. Besides the bowls, also try their breakfast burrito and California burrito that features scrambled eggs and fries respectively.

Papi’s Tacos

papi's tacos tortillas, guacamole, tacos

To chow down Mexican fare that may actually remind you of those prepared by food trucks off the streets of L.A., take it to Seah Street’s Papi’s Tacos. Ran by none other than the former head chef of Employee’s Only, it’s hard not to over-order here. The Tacos De Chorizo, Burrito De Carnitas and even the El Vegano that offers grilled mushrooms and other plant-based ingredients come highly recommended. Don’t miss out on the lengthy beverage menu; frozen margaritas, tequila and other party shots will definitely do the trick too.

Senor Taco

taco fillings, avocado, tortilla chips

Located right smack in the middle of Singapore’s favourite nightlife district is Senor Taco (they’ve got another branch at Orchard Towers), where good vibes are dished out alongside signature eats like Tacos El Pastor and Baja Fish Tacos. You can even get the party started with a round of Corona-Ritas for the table, that is, if you’re not particularly put off by its moniker by now.

Super Loco

classic mexican dishes and tacos at super loco

Besides a satisfying brunch menu comprising eats like Eggs Benedict Mexicano and Classic Huevos Rancheros, Super Loco also features a titillating Taco Tuesdays experience at its branches in town. Just order up proteins like Citrus Braised Pork and Mojo de Ajo Prawns to be served a taco platter comprising soft traditional white corn tortillas, mixed cabbage slaw, pickled red onions, jalapenos and even guacamole plus pico de gallo. Assemble them, then enjoy your taco creations alongside some refreshing mojitos or sodas as the sun sets.

Vatos Urban Tacos

kimchi pork quesadillas, kimchi carnitas fries

Not exactly a Mexican restaurant but rather a Korean-Mexican spot, expect to enjoy the best of both worlds at Vatos Urban Tacos. Besides indulging in mains like the honey tequila chicken wings or Korean Po’ Boy Burrito that features galbi beef short rib, Korean pork belly, Mexican rice and sauteed kimchi; tacos available for sharing among the crew include the Braised Carnitas which spotlights a slow-braised pork shoulder as well as the Korean Pork Belly offering generous slices marinated in Korean soy paste.