Where to get hot dogs to commemorate Independence Day

Few things get any more American than a hot dog nestled in between a toasted bun with mustard, relish and ketchup. We round up some of the most drool-worthy dogs to have in hand while singing The Star Spangled Banner.


Very little goes better than a smoking hot dog and ice cold beer (nor do they get more patriotic than that). This Clarke Quay restaurant has the best of both worlds with over 100 craft beers and hot dogs with different buns like white, red yeast rice, toasted sesame and even sweet charcoal. Each hotdog goes for around $12.


A true New Yorker’s dog, the sausage is cased by an in-house butcher while the mustard has touches of the bar’s Knickerbocker Lager. Two hot dogs go for $15, so what’s better is that you can enjoy a tipple or two while scarfing these down.

The Mustard Incident

With their selection of gourmet hot dogs, everything seems pretty mouth-watering when ordering at the counter. Inspired by American street-style dogs with lots of toppings, get a Coney Dog ($9) with pork sausage, beanless chili, garlic sauce and chopped onions or Duck Can Fit ($10), which was a sausage made with duck meat, garlic sauce, stewed pepper and crispy bacon.

O My Dog

Operating out of a minivan-like vehicle next to Skinny Pizza in Great World City (they have a new outlet in 100AM), this place specializes in gourmet hot dogs with an Asian twist. You can get creations like Bak Chor Mee ($7) and Bangkok Banger ($6.50). Everything is made in-house so you know you’re not getting any of the nasty stuff.

Spathe Public House

Don’t be surprised at the $55 price tag as this hot dog is the Big Daddy of wursts. The meter-long Mohamed Sultan Meter Dog is meant to be shared and has chicken spicy curry-wurst, wasabi mayo and caramelized onions. What better way to get into the Fourth of July spirit than a giant hot dog?