From affordable Western delights to award-winning Peranakan cuisine

The Dempsey enclave is positively bursting with incredible F&B options, and for good reason. Some of the best dining spots in town lie in this hilly neighbourhood, despite the fact that it’s pretty inaccessible. If you don’t already know where to find good nosh at this upscale dining destination, just check out this list, sorted by cuisine for your convenience.


Como Cuisine

This refined Dempsey hotspot dishes out a delightful combination of all the international signatures from the resort group’s various dining concepts worldwide. While lunch and dinner are undoubtedly great hours to dine at Como, brunch is especially lovely as there’ll be the special Brunch Burger, Truffle Croque Madame and Lobster roll. All are well-worth the calories.


Min Jiang at Dempsey 

Goodwood Park Hotel’s renowned Chinese concept Min Jiang also resides at Dempsey Hill—in case you thought you read wrong. Set in a 5,000 sq ft one-storey colonial building, this branch features contemporary Sichuan and Cantonese fare; and house specialities include the authentic Beijing Duck prepared according to an ancient Chinese recipe. Dim sum, roast meats and noodle dishes are on the menu as well.


Open Farm Community

Just walk into Open Farm Community and you’ll be amazed at how fresh the place looks (and smells). One of the first few farm-to-table restaurants in Singapore, OFC is a proudly open-concept eatery that focuses on locally-sourced and seasonal dishes. Besides cool meals like the SG Grown Radishes and SG Green Salad or even the OFC Sweet Corn “Ribs”, the restaurant also gets the community involved in farming through workshops and recreational activities.



Described as the culmination of Geneva-born Chef Patrick Heuberger’s 17-year journey, Atout proudly serves French food, like Crispy Traditional Duck Leg Confit With Chestnut Mash and Cranberry Sauce and Sauteed Frog Legs with Garlic & Parsley. You’ll want to leave room for desserts when you’re here, as the Dark Valrhona Chocolate Souffle & Fresh Berries and Rhubarb Crumble with Chantilly, Strawberry Ice Cream are worth the additional calories.


La Forketta 

So much carbs, so little time. Not only does La Forketta at Dempsey Hill serve pizza and pasta, they’ve also got bread freshly-baked from their wood oven, plus wood-fired sourdough focaccia. The Focaccia Assortita is a must-try, and so is the La Tartufo (Truffle) pizza that features mozzarella cheese, brie cheese, truffle oil and porcini. 



Blu Kouzina

Definitely one of the best Mediterranean restaurants around, Blu Kouzina is known for their amazing Greek cuisine. This family-owned establishment serves up some very delightful meat platters, staple mezedes, and of course, creamy hummus which pairs nicely with just about anything.



Retaining its one Michelin star year after year is Candlenut, thanks to their contemporary yet authentic Peranakan cuisine. They continue to present their unique “Ah Ma Kase” lunch and dinner menus, plus an ala carte option, that features all their signatures, like the Babi Buah Keluak, “Yeye” White Chicken Curry and Assam Sotong Hitam.


Huber's Bistro - Dempsey

For wallet-friendly steak selections and other Western options, look to Huber’s Bistro, as German sausages, cheesy French onion soup and a flat iron steak cut are all on the menu. But besides the alternative beef cut, there’s also the U.S. Prime Sirloin Steak that sees a generous slab topped with a butter-flavoured brown sauce and served with vegetables as well as fries. When you’re done feasting, feel free to hop on over to their double-storied butchery, and pick up more meat and even freshly-made dips like baba ghanoush and guacamole to-go.


To choose your perfect, most desired cut of steak and have it cooked to your liking on the Josper Grill, head to Culina at COMO Dempsey. In addition to an in-house delicatessen boasting an array of beef, lamb and veal in popular and lesser-known cuts, also check out their dry-ageing cabinet for delicious, well-aged meats. Sides like the Broccolini and Shoestring fries will add to an already filling meal.


Jim Thompson Thai Restaurant & Wine Bar 

In a restored complex that once functioned as the main military barracks for the British Army in Singapore, feast on fragrant, Southeast Asian delights while sipping on fine wine. Not only does Jim Thompson Thai Restaurant & Wine Bar serve up indulgent Siam fare with a modern twist thanks to dishes like the Poo Nim Thod Sauce Makam (Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab Topped with Special Tamarind Sauce) and Seau Rong Hai Gap Nam Jeem Jaew (Thai-style Grilled Steak), it also houses a plethora of vino that’s perfect for pairing.