Try these eats as seen in Netflix’s K-drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Popularised by Netflix’s Korean drama series It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, self-heating claypot rice bowls have become the talk of the town. But whether you’re looking for a meal straight out of a K-drama or hoping to enjoy a fuss-free work-from-home lunch, these instant eats offer satisfying meals for minimal labour.

Kai Xiao Zao Self Heating Claypot Rice


Dig into a piping hot claypot rice meal with Kai Xiao Zao Self Heating Claypot Rice set. With the ingredients and rice all neatly packed, simply assemble the instant feast for a short cooking sesh with help from the preparation instructions. Eight enticing flavours await, including the Spicy Beef, Beer Duck, Stewed Beef & Potato, as well as the Meatballs & Bamboo Shoot.

Xiao Yang Instant Meal Rice Self Heating Pot


This is another solid alternative to the famed ZiHaiGuo self-heating claypot rice. Tons of unique flavours are available, so try anything from the mouth-watering tomato beef rice to the piquant spicy chicken rice. Those on a plant-based diet can even opt for the spicy veg hotpot to get in on the hype.

Zi Shan Dao Fan Dian Self-Heating Rice


For local flavours of self-heating claypot rice meals, try Zi Shan Dao Fan Dian. They’ve got the Curry Beef and Curry Pork, but more interestingly, the Hainanese Chicken Rice too. It’s also one of the easiest self-heating pots, and that’s saying a lot.

ZiHaiGuo Self-Heating Claypot Rice


The trendiest self-heating claypot rice brand out of the bunch, ZiHaiGuo needs no introduction. Just choose from conventional flavours like the Mushroom Beef, Cantonese Sausage and Mala Beef; see how others enjoy this claypot rice bowl via various YouTube tutorials.