8 Must-Visit Souffle Pancake Spots in Singapore!

There’s nothing more gratifying than tucking into a heap of pillowy-soft cakes laden with butter and syrup. For the fluffiest of stacks, visit the following joints which serve incredibly delicate and luscious souffle pancakes, guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

Bangkok Jam 

soufflé pancake made from pancake batter

An unlikely spot for souffle pancakes, but this one sure does hit the spot. Just make sure you set aside a minimum preparation time of 15 to 20 minutes as each pancake is made on the spot. The new creations ($16.90 each) include Mango Sticky Rice Souffle, Thai Milk Tea Souffle, and Mix Berry Souffle.

The Mango Sticky Rice Souffle comes with mango cubes, pomelo bits, coconut ice cream and fragrant dried rose petals atop sweet sticky rice, accompanied by decadent coconut cream on the side. A fusion made in heaven.


japanese soufflé pancakes, fluffy japanese pancakes

Talk about perfect timing. Just when we can’t travel to Tokyo to enjoy Flipper’s iconic souffle pancakes, the Japanese pancake chain has opened a flagship cafe at Takashimaya Shopping Centre. Its unique pancakes are apparently so delicate that they are served with two forks – part of the signature Flipper’s experience. Newbies and purists should order the Kiseki Pancake Plain ($16.80) comprising three “fuwa fuwa” (jiggly) souffle pancakes crowned with a generous dollop of Flipper’s proprietary maple whipped cream made with Canadian pure maple syrup and French butter.

Gram Cafe & Pancakes

classic souffle pancakes

Hailing from Osaka, Gram Cafe & Pancakes’ arrival in Singapore induced much chaos and frenzy, as they claim to serve the ultimate, gravity-defying souffle pancakes—and we don’t for a second doubt them. Each souffle hotcake measures almost 4-5cm in height, and becomes a towering display when stacked. The Premium Pancakes ($17.90) is a no-brainer, although the Turkey Bacon and Scrambled Egg Pancakes ($18.90) might make for a better brunch option. Due to its high demand, the sale of the Gram signature is limited to just three times a day (11am, 3pm and 6pm) with only 30 orders per session, so start queuing early to avoid disappointment.

Hoshino Coffee

hoshino coffee souffle pancakes

This is one of the first places to bring us souffle pancakes, though they are often overlooked for some unknown reason. Get thick, buttery pancakes when you head to Hoshino Coffee at their various locations across Singapore, but note that these cakes are a little on the firmer side, in case you prefer your stacks barely cooked. Go straight for the Double Pancake Souffle Style ($12), or pick a limited edition souffle pancake off their seasonal pancake menu if you see something you like.

Miam Miam

miam miam souffle pancake

French-Japanese cafe Miam Miam also delivers reliable souffle pancakes at a reasonable price. Order the Original Souffle Pancake ($8.80), but also the Kuro Goma Souffle ($10.80) if you’re on a souffle kick. The Goma is a black sesame souffle that’s crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, with a black sesame ganache in the middle that’s bittersweet and unimaginably indulgent.

SweeT. Rex

fluffy pancakes, soufflé pancakes

Known for being the spot that sells satisfying souffle pancakes at some of the most wallet-friendly prices around, SweeT.Rex is a humble hawker stall located at Alexandra Village Food Centre. For just $4, receive two sizable fluffy ones with your choice of sauce; or top-up $1 for an additional scoop of ice cream to go with your pancakes. If you’re in the mood for more, try the handmade milk pudding that comes in flavours like Thai Milk Tea and Thai Green Tea, or their nougat bars and no-bake cheesecakes.


soufflé pancakes with fresh berries

More fluffy ones can be found at egg specialty restaurant Tamago-EN, which utilises only the freshest of eggs imported directly from Okinawa. As the restaurant prides itself on offering a wide variety of flavours, souffle pancakes are definitely not an afterthought here. Choose anything from the original Souffle Pancake to the decadent Creme Brulee, a menu item that has yet to be seen elsewhere is the unique White Peach Souffle Pancake.

Typhoon Cafe

typhoon cafe soufflé pancakes

Its Souffle Stackers ($17.90 each) are some of the most unconventional pancakes around, with Taiwan-inspired flavours dominating the menu. Try the Souffle Stackers with Taro, Bubble, Red Bean & Green Tea Sauce served with vanilla ice cream, taro balls , sweet potato balls, matcha balls, tapioca pearls, red beans, and green tea sauce on the side.

Other unusual flavours are the Cloud Nine Miso Souffle with Yuzu Sorbet, a cloud-inspired miso-flavoured souffle accompanied by yuzu ice cream and baked almond tuile, and Souffle Stackers with Taiwan Milk Tea & Bubble that comes with milk tea ice cream, chewy tapioca pearls and milk cream.