The Best of Vegetarian Food: 18 Restaurants You Have to Try

Whether you’re looking to focus on plant-based meals or just attempting to incorporate more greens into your diet, this list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants will do right by you. While there are many options all around Singapore, a little birdie has divulged that many great vegetarian and vegan food places can be found at and around Fortune Centre. So now you know.

Afterglow by Anglow

salad at vegetarian restaurants, afterglow by anglow

If you’re one to keep up with the vegan community on YouTube, and have seen the myriad of vegan cafes in Australia and the US, you will be interested to know that Afterglow by Anglow will satisfy your craving for those types of vegetarian and vegan cafe meals. The adventurous can try the Raw Pizza or Raw Crispy Lasagne, while folks who prefer warm meals can go for the Cuban Burger which features a grilled black bean burger patty.

The Boneless Kitchen

Authentic Korean food aren’t usually meat-free. However, The Boneless Kitchen has found a way to work vegetarianism into its menu. Pick the vegan Kimchi Mandu, for a plate of dumplings stuffed with over 15 ingredients. Then, try the Dolsot Bibimbap, a mixed rice bowl topped with plenty of shredded vegetables to mix into the crispy, semi-charred rice. The dishes may not seem particularly unorthodox, but trust this Korean vegetarian restaurant to make you a convert of meatless fares.


Shivam Restaurant

traditional indian vegetarian dishes

Shivam Restaurant features the best of Indian vegetarian cuisine. Nestled in the heart of Little India, Shivam welcomes you to its cosy eatery, which serves up traditional and modern interpretations of classic Indian dishes. From their iconic curries and tandoor breads to biryanis and delicious desserts, Shivam has something for everyone.


vegetable curry from elemen, delicious food

Vegetarian restaurant Elemen doesn’t stick to one particular cuisine. Instead, it focuses on the concept of a modernised vegetarian cuisine, or what Elemen dubs an earth diet. Hence, you’ll find a range of meals inspired by different cultures. There is the Tempura Tofu with Avocado Roll, Charcoal Noodle with Butter Cream Sauce, Calzone Pizza and Asian Curry with Crispy Roti. Elemen’s intentions to be environmentally conscious translates well into its menu.


, The Best of Vegetarian Food: 18 Restaurants You Have to Try

Genesis, a cosy vegan restaurant was created with a singular vision in mind: to nourish locals with wholesome, healthy sustenance. And that’s exactly what they’ve done. An array of western and oriental mains and sides are available, such as the Brazil Nut Cilantro Pasta and Fish Head Vermicelli. Local favourites made vegan include Bakuteh Rice and Chicken Rice, so you can still enjoy Singaporean delights.

Green Common

brownie vegan cakes, green common

If you want to sample the growing number of plant-based meat brands, head to Green Common at Vivocity. It offers a variety of Western and Asian dishes, including Hainanese Trick’en Rice which uses Heura Foods as a vegan-friendly alternative to chicken; Omni Luncheon Fries that’s made from OmnniMeat; and K-Dog that uses the Moving Mountains brand.

As this eatery is originally from Hong Kong, expect favourites such as HK Style French Toast and HK Milk Tea (it uses oat milk instead of cow’s milk). The spacious interior also boasts a grocery section where you can bring home plant-based products and ready-made vegan meals.

Herbivore by Zen Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant

Opened by the people behind Zen, another Japanese vegetarian and vegan restaurant, Herbivore offers Japanese and Western vegetarian food. With the owner himself a vegetarian and the chef a Japanese, patrons can expect authentic Japanese vegetarian grub. Find vegetarian replicas of Japanese classics like sashimi and chicken Teriyaki.

Joie by Dozo

joie by dozo, vegetarian restaurants in singapore

This French-Japanese vegetarian restaurant only serves set lunches and dinners. It may not surprise you to know that Joie replaces meats with mushrooms, but the quality, texture and tastes will. Meat dishes turned vegetarian are incredibly alike to the original non-vegetarian items. One of the current offerings is the Grill Summer Mushroom Steak on “Pu-Ye” Hot Stone, and its uncanny how similar it tastes to a red meat steak.

LingZhi Vegetarian

gluten free vegan restaurant with fresh vegetables, lingzhi vegetarian

Owned by the TungLok Group that heads numerous Chinese kitchens and restaurants in Singapore, LingZhi Vegetarian offers gourmet Chinese vegetarian cuisine. Instead of preparing the dishes with gluten, mock meats, artificial colouring and additives, find meals made with organic ingredients and fresh produce here. They’ve got two convenient locations too; one at Liat Towers and another at Novena’s Velocity.

Nature Cafe 

vegetarian dishes at nature cafe, delicious local vegetarian recipes

For all your local favourites made vegetarian, turn to Nature Cafe. There are seafood-inspired mains like the Fish Slice Noodle, Cereal Butter Prawn and Curry Fish with Rice; but what’s more interesting is that the dishes are not only made without the use of MSG, but no garlic and onions too. Not sure if that omission has more to do with flavour or sustainability (or religion, even), but either way, you’ll leave Nature with fresh breath and a satisfied stomach.

Original Sin

, The Best of Vegetarian Food: 18 Restaurants You Have to Try

Specialising in an unlikely combination of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, Original Sin excels at creating tasty vegetarian eats from the two relatively different fares. Italian options include the Supremo Pizza and Spanakopita (a baked, mixed vegetable ratatouille with ricotta); Mediterranean appetisers are such as the Haloumi and Falafel salad. Make your own pizza if you please; Original Sin also has vegan cheese substitutes for regular cheeses.

Real Food

, The Best of Vegetarian Food: 18 Restaurants You Have to Try

Another modern vegetarian restaurant, Real Food has opened a couple of outlets at various locations all across Singapore, so vegetarians have a reliable option everywhere they go. The Veggie and Cheese Bagel Sandwich and Original Banana Pancakes make great breakfast meals while Real Food’s Fried Brown Rice resembles a comforting, home-cooked dish.


The Plant Food

, The Best of Vegetarian Food: 18 Restaurants You Have to Try

Always be in for a treat at The Plant Food, where a myriad of tasty but affordable all-day vegan brunch items await. Find the Scramble on Toast, which features a tofu scramble on toasted sourdough bread that’s topped with mushrooms and tomatoes, or choose the Smashed Avocado for your favourite avocado toast plus some tofu feta and salsa.


To experience a creative blend of ingredients, head to Sufood. The restaurant is unconventional, kicking things up a notch with fruits and vegetables. The Chickpea Rice Burger retains an appeal with a dragon fruit-flavoured rice patty on its top, and a black rice patty on its bottom. Another unique find in the menu is Sufood’s Star Pizza with Cream Cheese & Wasabi-Tomato Sauce, which looks as interesting as it tastes.

Tea Villa Cafe

vegan sandwiches and pizza at tea villa cafe

While Tea Villa Cafe is dedicated to vegetarian cuisine, the restaurant also readily accommodates vegan diners. With mains like Falafel Burger, Bombay Sandwich, Risotto Truffle Mushroom Sauce and Enchiladas, the restaurant definitely delivers a wide variety of flavours all in one space.


vegan burgers at veganburg

The well-known vegan fast food joint has a place on this list because of their best seller, the Creamy Shrooms burger and their side of broccoli. Slices of mushrooms bathed in a cream sauce come atop the fried meat-free patty for Creamy Shrooms; the crispy pieces of broccoli has a slightly salty, char-grilled taste to it which makes it a better choice than the seaweed fries.

The Vegetarian Butcher

vegan and vegetarian restaurants at the vegetarian butcher

“Hacking your meat favourites” is what this Holland-based eatery founded by Dutch farmer Jaap Korteweg does. The result? Western and Asian dishes that taste almost like the real thing, thanks to meat-substitutes made with soya, lupine and vegetables. On the menu are NoChicken Truffle Alfredo Pasta, NoBeef Rendang Shepherd’s Pie, NoBeef Burger and NoChicken Nuggets in Thai Sauce, among others. The Vegetarian Butcher is brought in by Unilever Food Solutions and is located at The Social Kitchen at Jurong Bird Park.


Whole Earth

, The Best of Vegetarian Food: 18 Restaurants You Have to Try

Singapore’s first and only vegetarian restaurant to be awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand for four consecutive years, Whole Earth prides itself on being a Peranakan-Thai restaurant that serves flavourful plant-based dishes. You’ll definitely want to try the Penang Rendang, which substitutes shiitake mushrooms for beef, and Asam Pedas Vegetable, which is as spicy as they claim.