5 affordable yakiniku restaurants in Singapore

Quick-service Japanese BBQ concepts are all the rage these days, and it is easy to see why. For starters, these yakiniku restaurants offer meal sets which are affordably priced, with (typically) electric smokeless grills for a fuss-free dining experience. If that’s not enough, most of these joints are now found at heartland malls, and accessibility is always a plus in our books.

So for a hearty, delicious grilled meat meal fix, these are the best places to go to satisfy your meat cravings.

Hey! Yakiniku

Hey! Yakiniku - yakiniku singapore, grilled meats

No smoke, no GST and no service charge—that’s the promise of Hey! Yakiniku, a Japanese yakiniku restaurant found at Bugis Junction. The signature Hey Set is a no-brainer, and for less than $16, you’ll get three types of beef cuts including beef short plate and skirt steak. If you’re on the hunt for meats that will truly melt in your mouth, give their premium Australian wagyu beef or the Trinity Set’s pork jowl a shot. Just grill them on your dedicated smokeless grill, dip them into the sauces provided, and enjoy the grilled meats alongside some rice and miso seaweed soup.

Japanese BBQ Tora

Japanese BBQ Tora - set meals with rice and miso soup

Ikea shoppers can ditch the Swedish meatballs for some hearty BBQ eats when they head over to Alexandra Central Mall’s relatively new tenant, Tora. Another express Japanese barbecue concept, this diner boasts economical meat platters which can go for less than $10 each. Beef lovers can choose the various Karubi Sets, while others can try an assortment of meats with the Triple Set comprising pork, beef and chicken. A more premium but still inexpensive option is the Wagyu Steak Set, priced at $19.90 for 150 grams.


Yakiniku-Go - yakuniku restaurants - steaks and cuts, miso soup, rice

Pork-free yakiniku restaurant Yakiniku-Go has got a total of three branches to date, so head to any of its three locales to enjoy flavourful steaks and cuts like angus ribeye steak, beef short plate, and beef tongue. Sets here start from $9.80, and the menu also includes seafood options such as the Seafood Hoiru Yaki (squid, prawns and scallops) and Salmon Batayaki. As for sauces, try the zesty Negi Shio Tare, or the piquant Spicy Yakiniku Tare.

Yakiniku Like Singapore

Yakiniku Like Singapore - yakuniku restaurants - bbq beef

Single diners will not have to miss out on all the BBQ fun any longer as Yakiniku Like (with outlets at PLQ Mall, Clementi Mall and VivoCity) is all about catering to individual patrons. Just go straight for their Like Set (priced below $20) for a mix of beef short plate, skirt steak and beef tongue—perfect for barbecuing on a smokeless grill. This set comes with soup, rice and a side of choice, plus sauces for dipping. Talk about affordable.

Yen Social

Yen Social - marbled beef, japanese wagyu

A new, wallet-friendly concept by the team behind Michelin-rated Yen Yakiniku, Yen Social specialises in hand selected meat cuts grilled to perfection. Just savour specialty beef cuts such as ox tongue and the wagyu intercostal (rib finger) cubes, or choose the in-house whisky dry-aged wagyu ribeye if you fancy something more premium. You’ll also want to leave room to try the signature Wagyu Beef Noodle; this sees succulent strands of noodles swimming in a rich and robust beef broth alongside chunks of beef tendon and daikon.