Savour comforting eats like prawn paste wings and hotplate tofu

Har cheong gai, sambal kangkong and cereal prawn—these are just some of the typical dishes you’d see on tables at local restaurants where families often dine communally. To know where to go to experience a quintessentially Singaporean feast, just check out the following seven zi char restaurants listed below.

Eastern House of Seafood

Popular zi char place Eastern House of Seafood may be located within the seedy Geylang neighbourhood, but it does boast its own premises which even allows pets to roam outdoors. So feel free to let your furkid loiter, as you order all your favourite wok-fried dishes; must-try items include the Chye Poh with Minced Meat Beancurd, Salt Baked Chicken and Dong Po Pork.

Enjoy Eating House & Bar 


Found at both Hotel Mercure on Stevens and Jalan Besar’s Kam Leng Hotel, Enjoy Eating House & Bar is that reliable spot for homely, comforting dishes even your grandma would approve of. Just think modern zi char delights like the must-try Black Angus Beef Tenderloin with Foie Gras, Singapore-style Chilli Prawns and even the super delicious Te Kah Bee Hoon featuring tender braised pig trotter slices. And for dessert, you won’t go wrong with a locally-inspired “popiah” ice cream or the Chendol Panna Cotta.

Mellben Seafood

Said to offer some of the best crab dishes in Singapore, Mellben Seafood at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 has garnered somewhat of a cult following if you will. But besides the Claypot Crab Bee Hoon and piquant Chilli Crab option, locals also flock to the restaurant to enjoy zi char favourites such as the honey pork ribs, sambal kangkong and cereal prawns.

New Ubin Seafood


Once a humble, family-owned seafood spot found on the North shore of Pulau Ubin, New Ubin Seafood has truly evolved. Now, head to any of its three branches planted on Singapore’s mainland to tuck into eats like the Chye Poh Kway Teow, Smoked Pork Collar and Herbal Prawn Soup. But if you’re dining solo, consider picking zi char set meals from their latest virtual concept UbinEats to have well-packed lunch or dinner fixes delivered directly to your doorstep.

Por Kee Eating House 1996

Following a much welcomed reopening, Por Kee Eating House is back and better than ever. The fare provided remains fresh and ever-comforting; just pick from signatures including the Champagne Pork Ribs, Homemade Beancurd as well as Yam Basket with Chicken and Shrimp for an indulgent experience.

Pung Pung Kitchen

Not many do it like Pung Pung Kitchen, a well-known coffee shop favourite specialising in local delicacies. Led by Chef Pung Lu Tin, the concept will help you satisfy your cravings for comforting fare, with a menu comprising charcoal tofu topped with minced pork and chicken floss, assorted louhan vegetables and more. For home deliveries, feel free to check out their online delivery platform and service here as well.


Tian Wai Tian Fish Head Steamboat

Those who have never headed to Opal Crescent for fish head steamboat and zi char have definitely been missing out. Here at Tian Wai Tian Fish Head Steamboat, dig into prawn paste wings as well as spicy shrimp and egg tofu alongside a steaming pot of broth that’s packed with ingredients like fish chunks, yam, lettuce, spinach and more. Guarantee you’ll leave on a full stomach as soup refills are a given too.