Bite into the juiciest burgers at Burgercraft

Who doesn’t love a good burger? It’s one of the few classic combinations that lends itself well to no-fail riffs and variations. But while you can throw anything between buns and call it a burger, it takes a truly glorious combination to elicit that magical mmmh.


, Bite into the juiciest burgers at Burgercraft


The brainchild of Chef Bruce, owner and chef of Meat n’ Chill, Burgercraft is perhaps every burger lover’s dream come true. Situated along Sixth Avenue at Bukit Timah, the outfit was established with two burgers on its menu and has since grown to include three new flavours recently. Expect none of that over-the-top stuff here – Burgercraft gives it to you straight up, with their excellent, handcrafted patties.

Made with a secret wagyu-angus beef blend, their patties of beefy goodness deliver a mouth-watering ratio of fat and beef. The blend features A5 Tochigi Wagyu Steak, which boasts the highest possible rating of quality wagyu, and week-long dry-aged Australian Angus Beef with its lean, earthy flavours.


, Bite into the juiciest burgers at Burgercraft


Burgercraft’s newest range of burger flavours comprises For the Carnivores, The Next “Big Thing”, and a Good O’ Classic. Arguably the most indulgent of the trio, For the Carnivores brings together the best of hearty flame-grilled flavours with its toasted brioche bun, secret Wagyu-Angus patty, thick-cut bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, smoked umami mayo, pickled onion jam, and Steakhouse seasoning.

Pair that with a creamy milkshake or unique iteration like their Soju Mango, a vanilla milkshake with soju and fresh mango juice, and you’re all set. Alternative options include the Sea of Caramel, which is a rich blend of vanilla milkshake, caramel, and Himalayan sea salt.


For more information, visit Burgercraft’s website here.