Featuring the brand’s artisanal tea blends, an exquisite range of sweet and savoury treats in Japanese tiered boxes, calming interiors, and free-flow weekday tipples

In a beautiful marriage of two fine concepts, Boyutei brings the Michelin-starred culinary expertise of Whitegrass and artisanal tea mastery of Hvala under one roof. Presenting a new unforgettable experience, their high tea set is served in classic Japanese tiered boxes that offers a spread of both sweet and savoury treats.

Inspired by the ingredients and changing winds of each season, Boyutei’s Japanese Otsumami High Tea offers even the most discerning of diners an experience filled with exquisite bites, zen surrounds, and brilliantly curated beverages.



A proud ode to the seasons and in true high tea manner, the set invites us to embark on a journey that starts off savoury before finishing strong on sweet notes.

Delicate savoury treats within the box include the Unagi Toast, an open faced grilled eel toast with egg omelette, Ebi Katsu with homemade chilli sauce, al dente Somen with Sakura Ebi, a surprisingly pillowy Olive Financier, Narazuke Cream Cheese in Monaka, and perfectly bite-sized balls of Bocconcini with Moromi Miso.



Aesthetically pleasing and delightful on the palate, sweets on their Japanese Otsumami High Tea set features a Hojicha Financier that balances the earthiness of hojicha with the sweetness of moist financier cake and icing sugar, a rich Sticky Date pudding off-set with dehydrated raspberry powder, a twist on Tiramisu with matcha powder and chocolate crumble, handmade Matcha Warabi Mochi, and fresh, decadent Goma Nama Chocolate, a rich chocolate nugget coated with fine black sesame.

Available for all-day dining, the high tea set comes with two cups of hot brew teas from the menu, put together by the masters from Hvala. Amongst their most popular Chinese tea blends are Golden Key and Snowflake Dancong, while their Hojicha Karigane and Sakura Smoked are popular choices of Japanese tea blends.


Throughout the month of September, elevate your weekday high tea with the soft and silky Masumi Junmai Ginjo Shiro sake, or opt to go for free-flow natural sparkling wine from 3 to 5pm.


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