Brand new coffee spot Flock Café opens in Tiong Bahru

Seems Tiong Bahru is all out to prove it’s the hottest hood around, what with new spots opening almost every week (we’d already told you about watering hole Coq & Balls a couple of weeks ago). The most recent addition to the fold comes in the form of Flock Café, which opened just yesterday. 
This day-old, family-run coffee spot has the requisite industrial chic minimalist décor, with wooden tables and stools providing a touch of warmth.
It sports a streamlined menu of all-day brekkie items such as pancakes & strawberries with maple syrup ($8.90) and French toast & bananas with chocolate sauce ($8.90), as well as savory items like salads (all $8.90) and sarnies (from $10.90) including braised pork cheek with Gruyère cheese ($11.90) and prawn avocado ($12.90). 
If you’re in the mood for something sweet, there are bakes like chocolate cake ($6) and orange bundt cake ($5) to accompany your cup of joe. It’s $3.50 for an espresso, while lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos go for $4.80.
Also new in the area are PS. Café PETIT, a takeaway pizza/wine spot from the PS. Cafe crew, and newbie bakeries like Nicher and dough&grains.