Dig into outlet-exclusive desserts like Cheesy Soft Serve and homemade waffles

If you’ve been a long-time patron of local cake shop Cat & the Fiddle and their locally inspired cheesecakes, then get excited to try more of their unique desserts as the brand has opened their first-ever cafe in Singapore at Woods Square mall.

Located on level one, the cafe offers the complete range of the brand’s popular cheesecakes including Gula Me Gusta and Charred Eclipse, in addition to new outlet-exclusives like the Cheesy Soft Serve and homemade waffles.


Made with cream cheese used in the label’s delectable cheesecakes, the rich and velvety smooth Cheesy Soft Serve is available in a cone or served atop crisp yet fluffy waffles made with founder Daniel Tay’s proprietary recipe.


Other Soft Serve flavours include the Original, Red Velvet, Decadent Chocolate, Cookies and Cream and even the Milo Dinosaur. While the Original offers an unadulterated taste of the ice cream, the other flavours feature exciting twists.


Finally, those who require their caffeine fix will be happy to know that Cat & the Fiddle works with Tad Coffee Company to serve fragrant espresso-based beverages and delicious bottled cold brews.

There’s no better time to head down to Woods Square for mouth-watering treats than over the upcoming long weekend.

Cat & the Fiddle is open at #01-15, Solo 2, Woods Square, Singapore 737713. More information available here.