Celebrate National Day with Chilli Crab at Swensen’s

The Chilli Crab is undoubtedly one of Singapore’s most iconic dishes – and in celebration of National Day this year, Swensen’s is paying homage with a “clawsome” line-up of festive specials.

Available from now till Aug 30, the spread spotlights the chilli crab gravy across Swensen’s signature dishes, from burgers and pizzas to baked rice and pastas. Spicy, sweet, and savoury all at the same time, the chilli crab sauce is the menu’s star this season.


, Celebrate National Day with Chilli Crab at Swensen’s


Featuring a generous portion of soft-shell crab slathered in chilli crab sauce and a sunny side up between buttered buns, the Chilli Soft Shell Crab Burger is a textural delight for the senses.

The iconic dish takes on an Italian twist with the Chilli Crab Pasta, accented with crispy slivers of deep-fried crabstick, and a decadent Chilli Crab Pizza with real crab meat and topped with extra oozy mozzarella cheese.

Cheese lovers will also not want to miss out on the uniquely Singaporean Chilli Crab Baked Rice, with a chilli tomato sauce base, tender pieces of crab meat, and a lavish amount of mozzarella cheese and deep-fried crab stick.


, Celebrate National Day with Chilli Crab at Swensen’s


An exclusive National Day special, Swensen’s will be giving away pints of the limited-edition Chilli Crab Ice Cream. Not available for purchase, keep an eye out for giveaway announcements on Swensen’s social media platforms to snag a pint for yourself.

They’ve also partnered Deliveroo for this giveaway, so do stay tuned for updates on Deliveroo as well!


To celebrate the occasion with greater savings, drop by your nearest Swensen’s outlet for their National Day Dine-In Special. Curated for two or four diners, the bundle sets feature a perfect sweet-ender, the Goreng Pisang Split.

Alternatively, celebrate in the comfort of your home with the National Day Delivery Special, curated for small groups and comes with Swensen’s refreshing Vanilla Yoghurt Bar.


For more information, head over to Swensen’s Facebook page here.