Learn about brews and blends, or grab exclusive deals on a variety of products

Caffeine fiends, this one’s for you.

With International Coffee Day happening on Oct 1, the Singapore Coffee Association has teamed up with e-commerce platform Shopee to launch the inaugural Singapore Coffee Week 2021 in a digital format this year.

Taking place from Oct 1-7, the special programme is in itself a virtual, coffee-focused marketplace that celebrates the popular caffeinated beverage in all its glory.

So look forward to heading online for offers, deals and even lessons on blends and brews thanks to the participation of some of the biggest coffee companies in Singapore (and the world).

First, snag vouchers available on Shopee to enjoy discounts on coffee drinks by popular labels including Bootstrap Beverages (known for their cold brews) and Jewel Coffee which has outlets all across the country.

There will also be an even larger variety of coffee brewing equipment for sale on Shopee—here, grab everything from home brewing kits to grinders in order to concoct your own brews in your humble abode.

And if that’s not enough, feel free to embark on cafe hopping trails to enjoy exclusive promotions at local coffee shops including Mellower Coffee, The Coffee Academics and Foreword Coffee Roasters.

More information available here.