Is this new restaurant at Chijmes the hot opening of 2016?

While we’re still recovering from the amazingness of last year’s hot opening, Odette, it appears there may be another one to ooh and aah about pretty soon. The location spells after-work comfort food than high-concept fine dining, but nevertheless, the newest opening at Chijmes is firmly in the latter category. There’s been a veil of secrecy surrounding the launch of modern Australian restaurant Whitegrass, but what we do know points to a winner.

For starters, the chef is Sydney’s Sam Aisbett (@sam_aisbett), formerly of one of the Australian capital’s most lauded dining establishments, Quay. Second, restaurant will have a big focus on Australian ingredients and a degustation-only menu. Third, the one image we’ve seen of the interiors suggest a light and airy touch, with pretty pastel features by local artist MessyMsxi.

There are a handful of photos on Facebook, and no menu to speak of on the website. But we did discover some friends of the chef who’ve been instagramming about it. Not as elevated as Odette, but definitely pretty exciting in a pared down, produce-driven, Australian kind of way. See exhibits A and B below.


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We’ll be following the restaurant’s Instagram account (@whitegrassrestaurant) for more updates. Whitegrass opens on Jan 27. Snag a table before you can’t.